10 Wellness Habits for a Healthy Life: Self Care Matters

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Looking for a simple way to enhance your life but don’t have time to spare? Here are 10 health and wellness habits to cultivate that can help you improve your life in powerful ways.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re being pulled in so many directions. But improving your health doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Especially when you break the process down into smaller steps. Building personal wellness habits is a powerful way to upgrade your life and health.

Taking a little effort to care for yourself can pay off in big ways! Plus, it has a trickle-down effect because when you’re healthier and feeling better, it makes a positive difference for everyone in your life. Your family, friends, and even your co-workers.

Here are 10 healthy habits you can start today.

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10 Wellness Habits For a Better Life

1. Eat real food.

Include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, grass-fed meat, and fish. Healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds. Pasture-raised (when possible) full-fat dairy.

High-fiber whole grains like oats, brown rice, and quinoa. Drink water, tea, and coffee. For more information on eating real food, you can read the Paleo Diet Quick Guide.

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2. Move your body.

And make it fun! Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. Or pain.

Here are 100+ fitness motivation quotes to inspire you.

If you love music, turn on some tunes and dance it out. Or maybe team sports are more your speed? And don’t forget about yoga, hiking, or Zumba…to name a few. Plus, YouTube has plenty of free workout videos.

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3. Avoid processed food.

These include packaged foods with lots of ingredients. Think white bread, cookies, cakes, chips, fries, and processed cheese. Avoid candy bars, fast food, sweetened coffee drinks, margarine, and refined vegetable oils.

Why? So many reasons.

But mainly because they’re full of sugar, highly processed ingredients, and chemicals that our bodies are not built to handle.

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4. Make sleep a priority.

Sleep is super important. If you’re a night owl like me, you may have to be more intentional about setting a bedtime and sticking to it. Aim to get more than 7 hours of quality sleep each night.[*]

If you need some natural sleep tips you’ll want to check out 16 Quick Tips To Help You Sleep Better Tonight and How To Sleep Better With Chronic Back Pain.

5. Laugh more.

Did you know that laughing has some pretty amazing health benefits?[*] So, do what makes you laugh and reap the rewards.

Here are a few ideas to get your giggle on:

  • Call a hilarious friend.
  • Watch a comedy or funny video.
  • Read a funny book. 

6. Practice gratitude.

Write down 3 things that you’re grateful for each day.

It can be so simple, like, “going on a walk with my bestie,” “feeling the sun on my face today,” or “hearing my child’s laugh.” 

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the most rewarding activities. It benefits not only you but others too.

It’s made me more aware of everyone and everything I have to be grateful for. And this often leads to expressing your appreciation for others directly. Do you write in a gratitude journal?

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Spending a few minutes to straighten up your home can give you a feeling of peace and calm.

7. Take 5 minutes each day to pick up your space.

Living in a cluttered, disorganized environment can rob you of peace and contentment. It’s amazing how much better I feel after spending a few minutes cleaning out a junk drawer or straightening up the living room.

It doesn’t take long to tidy up your space. But it feels great to look around you and see everything in its place.

Fung Shui, anyone?

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8. Unplug.

Whether it’s social media or the news, we’re flooded with information daily. And it can impact our health and relationships without us even realizing it. This is why it’s crucial to take a step back sometimes.

Taking a social media break can improve your well-being and sleep quality.[*] Make a point to only check your email once a day instead of every time you get a notification. Have a no phones at the table rule.

These simple tips can help you feel more relaxed and focused.

Check out this list of 50 simple pleasures in life to help you recharge your batteries.

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9. Drink more water.

We hear it all the time, but it’s so true. Staying hydrated is a simple, effective way to be healthy.[*]

Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. So, for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water. This is about the same as drinking 9.5 8-ounce glasses of water. This small habit can improve your health in many ways.

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10. Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself.

Many of us have a critical inner voice that can be pretty harsh. But we would never think of saying those things to someone else. Right?

It’s important to become aware of the negative messages you tell yourself because you deserve better. Practice showing yourself kindness in both your thoughts and actions.

When you notice you’re being self-critical, stop and don’t go that way. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love, kindness, and self-respect.

What You Say When You Talk To Yourself is a little book by Shad Helmstetter. I highly recommend it. It’s helped me become aware of (and replace) my negative self-talk patterns.

I can’t say enough positive things about this amazing book because it was life-changing. Have you read it?

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10 Daily Wellness Habits To Improve Your Health And Life

Final Thoughts – Daily Wellness Habits

Including daily wellness practice in your routine is the perfect way to boost your health and improve your quality of life. Making small changes can have an impressive impact on your wellness and doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

You can do plenty of things that don’t take up too much of your time, which is a good thing since time is a precious commodity. Practicing wellness habits during a lifetime will help you live a longer, healthier life.

I love how simple these habits can be carried out each day. Things like drinking more water, moving your body, and eating real food can impact your overall wellness. Prioritizing sleep, practicing gratitude, laughing more, and spending 5 minutes straightening up your space can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these wellness habits and find they help you live better!

Printable Habit Tracker

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Printable Habit Tracker

What are your favorite healthy wellness habits?

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