How To Do A Social Media Detox Challenge To Feel Better

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This post gives you a 30-day social media detox challenge and shows you all the benefits of taking a break from social media.

Did you know that the average person spends 2 hours a day on social media? And we wonder where all of our time goes. No one’s disputing the potential of social media to connect with friends and family. It’s nice in our modern age when families are often separated by distance because it gives people an easy way to keep in touch.

But, despite the benefits of social media, it has its definite pitfalls. Anyone with Facebook or Instagram can tell you how easy it is to hop on with the intention of checking out your feed for a second, then nearly an hour later realizing how much time has passed.

Let’s be honest. Social media is a time waster.

And that’s valuable time that none of us can get back. Time you could be spending with family and friends or pursuing hobbies and personal growth activities to improve your wellness and life.

Plus, new studies have shown how harmful social media is for mental health.

So, we’ve designed this easy to follow 30-Day Social Media Detox Challenge printable that you can download and start using right away. The FREE PDF gives you one daily task, nothing too complicated.

But, the detox itself will be challenging. (Of course, that’s why it’s called a challenge.)

Don’t worry though because we’ve also gathered a short list of activities to do during the challenge. And once you’ve completed the challenge you’ll have experienced all of the benefits that will help you create a more balanced approach to your social media usage in the future.

So, without further ado…

30-Day Social Media Detox Challenge

Before you start, be sure to download your FREE 30-Day Social Media Detox Challenge Calendar because it shows you exactly what to do each day. Simply click the button below to get your printable.


Here’s an overview of the detox, week by week.


  1. Turn off social media push notifications
  2. Delete all unused apps
  3. Limit social media to a single 30-minute window
  4. No phone at meals all day
  5. Unfollow people who aren’t real friends or don’t interest you
  6. Leave your phone in a separate room when you go to bed
  7. No Facebook or Twitter all day


  1. No checking your phone until after all of your morning tasks are complete
  2. Meditate for 5 minutes today
  3. No Instagram all day
  4. Instagram free day!
  5. Put your phone away for 3 straight hours
  6. No social media all day
  7. Limit of 15 minutes of social media today

Doing a social media detox gives you time to focus on your priorities, improves your relationships, and renews your self-confidence and gratitude.


  1. Halfway there! No social media all day
  2. Try a new activity for 1 hour today
  3. Only 30 minutes of social media all day
  4. No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram all day
  5. Facebook free day!
  6. Spend 15 minutes outside in nature.
  7. Write about what you’re thankful for – 10 minutes

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  1. Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes
  2. Twitter free day!
  3. No social media until after 5 p.m.
  4. Call 2 friends today
  5. Read for 45 minutes today
  6. Only 15 minutes of social media all day
  7. Go on a walk or stretch for 15 minutes.

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  1. No social media for the entire day
  2. No phone for the entire day.

What To Do During A Social Media Detox

So now you may be wondering, “if I’m not on social media, what am I going to do?” Here are a few ideas.

  • Delete your social media apps. If they aren’t on your phone they won’t be a temptation.
  • Do Pilates or yoga.
  • Brainstorm a list of things to do then pick your favorite ideas to start with.
  • Go bird watching.
  • Get a massage.
  • Sing or play an instrument.
  • Make a sheet pan meal.
  • Bake something.
  • Keep a daily journal of your experience. Write about the positive outcomes and how you’re feeling throughout the journey.
  • Listen to music.
  • Simplify your life by starting a capsule wardrobe.
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • Go on walks in nature.

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Spending so much time on social media cuts back on the time you have to build meaningful relationships that matter. Taking a social media break can bring the focus back to the people (and way of life) that matter most to you.

Social Media Detox Challenge Benefits

There are many ways taking this challenge can improve your life. Here are a few:

  • You’ll have more time to focus on who or what matters most to you. Have you been wanting to take that online course but never seem to find the time? Problem solved. Or maybe you’d like to start living a healthier lifestyle? Now you have time to take that relaxing 30-minute walk in nature or cook a healthy meal.
  • Less FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’re not getting constant notifications about what everyone else is doing.
  • You’ll feel more appreciative and grateful for the small things in life.
  • Improved connections with family and friends. When we spend so much time on social media is cuts back on the time we have to build genuine, meaningful relationships that matter. A social media detox helps you realize just how important those relationships are.
  • It can boost your confidence. One study showed that using social media led to poor mental health issues, including lowered self-esteem and depression. This is because people tend to compare themselves and their lives to others on social media.
  • Less anxiety. People feel anxious for a number of reasons – competition with others to get more likes on posts, wondering how to respond to comments people make, and how to deal with people from your past on social media (should you accept their friend request or block them?)


Summary – Doing A Social Media Detox Challenge

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE 30-Day Social Media Detox Challenge Calendar yet, you can grab it >> HERE.

Taking a detox challenge gives you the motivation to try new and exciting activities. There are many activities you can do when you’re on a social media fast. It also gives you time to focus on your life’s purpose, goals, and being more intentional about how you live.

When you’re not mindlessly scrolling your phone, you can pursue a fun new hobby, improve your health and relationships, or work on personal growth skills.

When you decide to join the challenge you’ll notice some impressive benefits. Less anxiety and FOMO, more confidence and gratitude, and stronger connections with the people you care about most are just a few.

I’ve done several social media detoxes and love all of the benefits I’ve experienced as a result. I truly hope you find this useful and would love to know what you discover!

Have you tried a social media detox? What did you notice? Share below!

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