9 Powerful Ways To Turn Your Brain Towards Happiness

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Psychologists say the human mind is like an ocean, always preoccupied with rushing thoughts and restlessness which often prevents us from finding lasting peace of mind or mental calmness. A negative thought is not good for you; it can eat away your decision-making skills, creativity, and productivity. Below you’ll learn 9 strategies to turn your brain towards happiness.

For many people, it is easier for them to remember the bad things that have happened to them than the good. In this article, we will teach you powerful ways to turn your brain towards happiness. Authentic happiness is the goal of human existence. Below are the powerful ways to guide your heart towards a joyful existence:

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How To Turn Your Brain To Happiness

1. Eat Healthy And Get Regular Exercise

We are often faced with a distracting lifestyle, and because of this many of us fail to listen to our body, by drinking and eating the wrong foods, forgetting to engage in physical exercise or over-exercise, and not having enough sleep.

Studies show that when we eat the right foods and engage in a credible exercise routine, we will feel better, become better, and perform better. Our whole body will change and we will also have the right positive mindset when we take in the right nutrition. The best way to take care of your mind is by taking absolute care of your body.

2. Listen To Music

Listening to empowering or inspiring music can be a great way to liberate your mind from worries and anxieties that cloud your day. Make a list of inspiring music you love, and download it to your Smartphone or laptop, and listen to the music while you work or in your quiet time.

3. Think Positive Thoughts

Clinical psychologists report the human mind thinks about 60,000 thoughts every day, about one thought every second. Further research shows that 95% of people have thoughts which are 80% negative. Our natural inclination is to focus on the negative.

Programming your mind to think positive affirmations is incredibly powerful and yields multiple positive results. If you find yourself thinking a negative thought, simply stop and guide your mind with a more inspiring thought. If you keep doing this, it will gradually become a habit.

4. Socialize To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keep your brain busy and healthy by socializing with friends and associates. If you are facing some challenges like relationship or marital issues, academic challenges or anything else, then discuss it with an expert or with someone you can trust. If bad thoughts come to you, try as much as possible to replace them with positive thoughts.

All these actions will re-wire your brain and make it stay healthy, active, and alive. Surround yourself with people who love, support, and want you to create a fulfilling lifestyle. Such people will inspire you to transformative action; You will find inspiration to be the best you can be.

5. Try Something New

Cut off all excesses in your life, always be contented with what you have, and get rid of the things you don’t need. Live a simple life. This can boost your happiness, bringing freedom and richness to your life. Success is the result of patience and habits; It is not defined by superior intelligence or extraordinary abilities.

Show acts of kindness. Givers are happy people, and they don’t lack for anything. No matter how little you have, share your time, talent, and treasure with those that are in need of it. Giving of yourself inspires feelings of fulfillment. One of the beautiful ways to feel happier today is to give to another person. It could just be a listening ear, a smile, or little acts of kindness.

6. Challenge Your Mind

One of the most effective ways to challenge your mind is by reading. Never grow tired of reading. When you read quality books, you fill your mind with quality thoughts.

Every day of your life,  strive to do something worth writing about or write things worth reading. Readers are achievers, they are unstoppable! Do everything that will align with your goals. Reading or writing challenges your mind to action and makes it more productive.

7. Learn To Play An Instrument

Extensive research shows that music increases your brain sharpness, productivity, and brings forth underlying emotions. Thus, there is a huge joy that comes with playing music.

Music is the food of the soul; just as your body needs to eat foods to survive, feeding your soul with music will help you to live happier and feel better. Learn to play an instrument, and play the music that makes you feel satisfied; you will be exceedingly happy doing so.

8. Be Curious

If you are curious about something, it will affect the overall chemistry of your brain. Curiosity activates your reward system, releases dopamine, improves your capacity to learn, and energizes your motivation.

Curiosity and a sense of wonder prompt us to find immediate answers to questions. It leads to learning, research, and exploration. The key here is to stay curious. It will cause you to learn new things about the world and how you can bring positive transformations to the environment where you live.

9. Get Enough Rest And Sleep

Sleeping boosts your mood and makes you feel exceedingly better. To live a healthy lifestyle, you must cultivate the habit of enjoying quality sleeping time. Research shows that getting adequate sleep can benefit your mind, weight, and heart.

During sleep, your mind practices skills it learned while you were awake; this is known as ‘consolidation’. Sleeping improves your memory and helps you live longer and better. When you wake up from sleep, your body will feel energized to do more creative work.

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Turn Your Brain Towards Happiness

How do you make your brain happy? What tips would you add?

Share your thoughts below! 

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  1. I just love all of these tips and really want to incorporate all of this into my new years resolutions. I am all about trying to calm my mind at times!

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