5 Easy Ways To Detox For Better Health

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Looking for simple ways to detox your body naturally? When you’re exposed to harmful toxins every day it can take a toll. From genetically modified ingredients in our food to chemicals and fluoride in our water. To air pollution, pesticides, preservatives, and pharmaceuticals. The human body was not designed to handle this amount of toxic overload.

So whether you’re healthy or have a chronic illness, detoxing is an important way to naturally flush these harmful chemicals out of your body.

Before contracting Lyme disease I’d heard the term detoxification once or twice, usually in advertisements for weight loss products or detox tea commercials. But once I became chronically ill, detoxing became a necessity in my journey back to health.

Fortunately, there are simple, natural ways to help rid your body of these harmful toxins.

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5 Easy Ways To Detox

1. Drink water with lemon.

It’s good to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but drinking at least 2 liters a day is even better! Water helps flush the toxins out of your body.

Plus, water keeps your kidneys cleaned out and functioning at full capacity. Lemons can also help support the immune system and stimulate the liver to remove toxins from the body.

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2. Dry brush your skin before bathing.

Using the dry brushing skin technique helps:

  • shed dead skin
  • encourage blood circulation
  • to promote lymph drainage.

You can buy a dry skin brush on Amazon for very little money. I have the one pictured below.

dry skin brush

Here’s a video showing how to dry-brush.

3. Sweat the toxins out.

There are several ways you can accomplish this…Take a hot bath and add a cup or two of Epsom salts and a couple of drops of essential oils. Or sit in a sauna. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Another excellent option is to exercise hard enough to break a good sweat.

In the past few years, Epsom salt baths have become my best friend. As long as I don’t make the water too hot I always feel better afterward.

And after researching far-infrared portable saunas for a couple of years, my hubby bought me one for Christmas. It’s made a huge difference! The one I have is pictured below.

portable sauna

4. Eat a variety of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

Nourish your body with whole foods. Grass-fed meats, full-fat dairy, lots of green vegetables, healthy fats, fermented foods, nuts and seeds, and some antioxidant-rich fruit.

Buy organic when possible. Avoid sugar, processed flour, prepackaged snacks, and junk food. Consuming healthy foods to cleanse your body is something simple that we can do daily.

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5. Emphasize the positive and practice gratitude.

As you may know, detoxing your brain is equally as important as detoxing your body.

We all have those days when we don’t feel our best or we’re exhausted from busy schedules. I’ve learned that when I concentrate on who and what I’m grateful for throughout the day it changes my perspective.

Best of all, this helps me cope with potentially stressful situations.

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Summary – Ways To Detox

As you can see, there are many ways to detox your body and your mind.

By moving your body, eating healthful foods, and adopting a positive mindset you can reduce toxic stress and harmful chemicals. I hope this brief list has given you some healthy ideas to try!

How do you detox? What works best for you?

Please share in the comment section below.

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