The Ultimate Gift Guide For People With Chronic Illness

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We’ve all been there before. You’re on a quest to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything. It can be a little frustrating, right? Or, perhaps you’re shopping for one of the 133 million Americans who have a chronic illness and you don’t have a clue what they would like. Or need. But you want to get them that just-right gift that shows you care. The ultimate gift guide for people with chronic illness below will give you plenty of great ideas to choose from.

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Chronic Diseases

But first, to understand the unique needs of this group here is a quick list of chronic diseases and conditions:

…and others

Here is the ultimate gift guide for people with chronic illness. If you want to know what to give someone who is sick be sure to read this.
1. Portable Sauna | 2. Detox Organics | 3. Essential Oil Set | 4. Essential Oil Diffuser | 5.  Warming Neck Wrap | 6. Shiatsu Pillow Massager | 7. Calm Coloring Book | 8. Calm Supplement | 9. Coffee Tumbler | 10. Bone Broth | 11. Compression Socks | 12. Calming Music | 13. Magnesium Spray | 14. Soft Blanket| 15. Amazon Gift Card| 16. Gratitude Journal

Gift Ideas For Chronically Ill People

If you’re chronically ill yourself you have insight into what your friend or family member may enjoy most.

The Best Cozy Gift Ideas To Bring Happiness And Peace

Sometimes it’s hard to reach out when you don’t know exactly what to say. But it can make such a difference in your loved one’s life by helping them know that they still matter to you because it’s easy to feel forgotten and alone when you’re struggling with a chronic illness.

Many of the following ideas have helped me throughout my battle with chronic Lyme disease. Thank you for giving of yourself to make someone else’s day a little brighter!

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For People With Chronic Illness

1. Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator Portable FAR Infrared Sauna

I have this exact one and I absolutely love it! When I’m cold it makes my pain worse. And this sauna is ideal for warming up your body and detoxing.

2. Consider a visit (if that’s what they need).

Having someone visit you when you’re home-bound can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That is…if you keep some things in mind because this might not be helpful for everyone.

Always call ahead; never drop by unannounced because when you have a chronic illness some days you feel better than others. And dropping by to see someone when they aren’t up for a visit isn’t helpful or considerate.

Also, keep the visit short. Some people are so chronically tired and in pain from fighting their health battles that a visit, even from someone they dearly love, can be utterly exhausting.

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3. Chocolate Superfoods Detox Organics

This is not your average superfood greens powder. Why? Because it’s 100% organic and actually tastes delicious…like chocolate milk! Plus, each serving has 25 superfoods to eliminate toxins and inflammation and boost energy.

It’s certified USDA organic and vegan.

Use my code HEALTHYLIFE to get an extra 15%.

4. Essential Oil Set

Essential oils are plant extracts that can be diluted and applied to the skin or inhaled. Many people enjoy using oils because of their health benefits.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser works well with the essential oils above.

6. Offer to drive your loved one to their doctor’s appointments or treatments.

7. Microwavable Warming Neck and Shoulder Wrap

This is awesome for warming and relieving body pain.


8. Shiatsu Pillow Massager With Heat For Back, Neck And Shoulders

Who doesn’t love a great massage? This one has over 9,000 4.5-star reviews on Amazon.

9. Take a meal.

Our family always appreciated when friends or family brought a meal because for several months I was bedridden and unable to cook for my family. When you have 4 teenagers living under your roof and a busy husband with various commitments at work this can be extremely challenging.

Again, if you’d like to help in this way, please remember to call ahead. Ask when would be the best day and time to bring the meal.

Also, be sure to inquire if they (or anyone in their family) has any allergies or special diets you should be aware of. Many people with chronic illnesses have to eat specific foods and avoid others.

10. Color Me Calm Coloring Book

There are many health benefits of coloring. Yes, even for adults.

11. All Natural Calm Supplement

This high-quality supplement helps you relax, eases muscle aches, and helps you sleep better.

12. Get them out of the house.

If your loved one is able to get away, even for a short time, it may help raise their spirits by having a change of scenery.

If the weather is nice you could sit with them outside in the sunshine. Spending some time in the sunshine is a great way to boost your mood and Vitamin D production.

Or, if they feel up to it, you could take them on a drive, to the movies, a concert, or sporting event.

13. The Yeti Coffee Tumbler

The ultimate coffee cup with a lid which is perfect for all those trips to the doctor. Plus, the Yeti comes in so many beautiful colors and is perfect for tea, coffee and even sipping hot bone broth.

 14. Offer to babysit or take their kids to activities.

Managing a family from bed it quite difficult. I don’t know what I would have done without my husband, David when I was at my lowest point health-wise. He picked up the slack many times when I was in no shape to drive our kids to all of their practices, lessons and activities.

Providing childcare or playing chauffeur is a huge blessing to anyone with a chronic illness.

15.  Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Organic. Healing. And oh-so-comforting.

Grass-fed bone broth is just what the doctor ordered. Wonderful straight out of the box or as a base for recipes.

Kettle &amp; Fire Bone Broth - Shop Now

16. Compression Socks

These help with circulation and are great for staying warm. Not to mention all the great colors and designs.

17. Calming Guitar Music With Nature Sounds CD

This CD is composed by a music therapist and helps you relax and fall asleep faster.

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18. Migraine & Headache Pain Relief Magnesium Essential Oil Spray

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19. Super Soft Faux Fur Blanket

Comfy, cozy and warm!

20. Amazon.com Gift Card

As you probably know, gift cards are great because people can use them to buy whatever they want or need, such as comfy p.j.’s, books or healthy snacks. And Amazon has everything you might want or need so what’s not to love?

Also, consider purchasing gift cards to favorite local restaurants that offer carry-out or delivery services.

21. Gratitude Journal

Journaling helps you focus on all the good in your life and takes your mind off your illness. Did you know that expressing gratitude can actually make you a happier person?!

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So there you have it…this ultimate gift guide for people with a chronic illness is chock full of ideas to help you make your loved ones feel supported and loved.

Who do you know that has a chronic illness that you could reach out to today? Remember, something as simple as sending a quick text to let them know you care is worth so much. X, Lori

Here is the ultimate gift guide for people with chronic illness. If you want to know what to give someone who is sick be sure to read this.
The Ultimate Gift Guide For People With Chronic Illness >LoriGeurin.com

What ideas can you think of adding to this list? If you have a chronic illness, what is something that someone has given you that’s brightened your day?

Leave your thoughts below in the comment section. I love hearing from you!

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  2. I love that these ideas really show that you took the time to think about what the person could use. That is my favorite type of gift.

    1. Hey there, Cynthia! Thank you! I hope you’re able to find something here that will help your mom. I’m sure it would make her feel good to know that you’re thinking of her.

  3. I love these gift suggestions, they are really thoughtful gift ideas. That warming shoulder wrap is an ideal gift for someone close to me.

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