The COVID-15 And My Weight Loss Journey

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Last Updated on June 13, 2022 by Lori Geurin

If you read my email last week you know that just because someone is a health nut and wellness blogger doesn’t mean they’re immune to gaining 15 pounds during a pandemic. (Okay, so it was 17, but who’s counting?)

Have you heard anyone talking about the COVID-15 they’ve gained during quarantine? There are so many people dealing with this right now. So apparently I’m not alone.

One study showed that almost half of women in the U.S. have gained weight during the quarantine.

And, despite having lost 35 pounds several years ago – and maintaining that weight loss with healthy eating and intermittent fasting – this strange time we’re living in has caused me and others to add some curves that weren’t there before.

Comfort food, y’all!

But, nobody’s freaking out about a number on a scale around here. Because there are more important things going on in our world right now. I absolutely recognize this.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that our health has to take a back seat. In fact, because of the risks associated with being overweight, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your health. So if you want to lose a few pounds too, then keep reading to find out what I’ll be sharing with you in the following weeks.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling extra tired and achy the past few months. Some of the chronic Lyme symptoms that had resolved have started flaring up again.

Plus, my leggings are starting to feel snug, so I decided it was time for me to get back on track with my healthy eating plan. And tighten up the reins on my beloved intermittent fasting window.

Too many baked goods does not a healthy mom make.

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Accountability Boosts Your Weight Loss Journey

What helps you most when you’re working to meet a health or fitness goal?

Writing this post and sharing my journey with you gives me accountability which is super helpful when you’re losing weight. Knowing that I’m publishing this article on the World Wide Web boosts my motivation a bit.

Okay, a whole lot.

Because I don’t want to let you down.

Plus, I promised in my email that I’d share before and after pictures once I meet my goal weight. (gulp) I’m doing this scared, guys because I’m not all that comfortable taking selfies and definitely not “before” selfies. This is seriously wayyy out of my comfort zone.

I’m doing it because I’m hoping it will help some of you in our wonderful wellness community who are also dealing with extra weight, wanting to feel more energy, or simply be healthier.

Who Are Your Biggest Fans?

If you’re trying to lose weight too, you obviously don’t need a blog to be accountable to someone. Your spouse, friend, or family member may be working on similar goals. Having that extra support can be exactly what you need. Plus, it can motivate you to keep going, if when you encounter a plateau.

And, most importantly, once you meet you goal.

This is true for almost any health or fitness goal you’re working on. It’s easier to stay consistent in the beginning when you’re highly motivated to improve. Especially if you see immediate results because that energizes your motivation to change.

The biggest challenge comes after you lose weight. Or after you establish your workout routine, healthy eating plan, smoking cessation program, etc.

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Have you gained the COVID-15? Join me on my weight loss journey to lose the weight I've gained over quarantine.
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COVID-15 Weight Loss Series Plan

My plan with this weight loss series is to share:

  • weekly blog post and email updates about how my weight loss journey is going
  • the details about how I’m feeling physically and emotionally
  • how many pounds and inches I lose each week
  • a meal plan or 2
  • some recipes I’m loving
  • an organic video (or 2) of my experience

One thing that I won’t be sharing though is my specific weight. That’s because it’s easy for us to get hung up on numbers, and comparison doesn’t help anyone.

We’re all unique with different body types. A specific weight can look completely different on a variety of people. So, even though I’ll tell you how many pounds I’ve lost each week, I plan to focus more on how I feel physically and mentally.

Creating sustainable healthy habits is my goal. So, whether you want to lose weight or work on other health goals, you’ll wanna follow the series to find out what happens.

I’m looking forward to my clothes fitting again. But, ultimately I want to feel healthy and well and be able to spend time with the people I love without any unhealthy choices holding me back.

Know what I mean?

Now that I’ve introduced this series on my COVID-15 weight loss journey, be sure to come back on Monday, June 27 for a 1-week update. I truly hope you find the series encouraging no matter where you are along your health journey. XO, Lori

Are you trying to lose weight or meet other health goals? Are you familiar with the Quarantine 15?

Share your thoughts below.

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