Would You Rather: Health And Fitness Edition

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Last Updated on June 6, 2021 by Lori Geurin

Have you ever played, Would You Rather? Would You Rather posts are popular with bloggers but this is my first one. I thought it would be fun to try and I hope you enjoy it! The questions are from a post I saw on zimbio.com. Keep reading for my answers to the health and fitness Would You Rather questions below. And join in the comment section by sharing your answers if you’d like to play along.

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Would Your Rather Health And Fitness Questions

1. Would you rather do 100 pushups or 300 situps?

I’d rather do the situps. It might take me a couple of days but there weren’t any stipulations about the time frame. *wink*

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2. Would you rather eat only broccoli or spinach with every meal?

Even though I love spinach (especially in smoothies) I would have to go with the broccoli. Broccoli with grass-fed butter and cheese is one of my favorite dishes!

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3. Would you rather complete a workout without drinking water or without eating food all day?

Definitely without eating food all day. I love intermittent fasting and have worked out while fasting plenty. (Not bragging at all, just saying) But exercising without water sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me.

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4. Would you rather never sweat during a workout or never feel sore after a workout?

I would say never feel sore after a workout because you can take a shower and clean the sweat off, but the soreness can last for a few days.

5. Would you rather have strong arms and weak legs or strong legs and weak arms?

I would rather have strong arms and legs. But since that wasn’t one of the choices I’ll say strong legs and weak arms. My legs have always been stronger than my arms and I’m okay with that…except when I’m doing pushups.

6. Would you rather have an insanely mean personal trainer and have immediate results or a super sweet personal trainer and see results after a few months?

How ‘insanely mean’ are we talking? ha Even though I prefer kind people I think I’d rather suck it up with a mean trainer and get immediate results. Maybe? Still not a hundred percent on this one?

7. Would you rather eat whatever you want and be forced to exercise every day or have a strict diet but never have to exercise?

Definitely eat whatever I want and have to exercise every day. I’m assuming I can choose my form of exercise? If so, I’m good with that because I like moving my body. Just not into dietary restrictions. At all.

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8. Would you rather work out in a nudist gym or take a class next to someone with bad B.O.?

Umm, neither is too appealing, but I’ll settle for the body odor option in this case. *nervous laughter*

9. Would you rather give up cheese or chocolate forever?

Uh, neither! But, for the sake of being a compliant participant, I’ll go with chocolate because so many of my favorite dishes have cheese in them. Pizza, cheesecake, lasagna, let me count the ways…

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10. Would you rather eat pizza for breakfast every morning or eat pancakes for dinner every night?

This was an easy one for me because pizza is one of my favorite foods. Not something I eat often, but definitely something I enjoy greatly when I do eat it. So, pizza in the morning, baby! Although that doesn’t fit my fasting plan…but for the sake of this quiz. We all have to make sacrifices sometimes.

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Summary – Would You Rather Health Questions

I had so much fun with this! A few of my answers surprised me, but mostly not. Doing this was a good reminder to have fun when you’re pursuing a healthy life.

Even though you’re out there pursuing important health and wellness goals it’s crucial to keep things in perspective doing things you enjoy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below. How would you answer some of the Would You Rather questions? Share below in the comments.

I hope you had fun with this! X, Lori

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14 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Health And Fitness Edition”

  1. This is such a fun post! I can’t think of something I wouldn’t do in favor of working out in a nudist gym. Lol.

  2. n.9 Well I can’t live without chocolate but I also love vegan cheese even if it’s not a real cheese, is it?
    n.10 pizza for breakfast is impossible for me, but pancakes at dinner sound great lol

    1. I love this, Marina! Chocolate IS pretty great but I think vegan cheese should count as real cheese. And, as much as I love pizza, pancakes for dinner yummy too.

  3. This is such a fun game! I agree with you on most of these, except for I don’t think I can go a whole day with no food without getting a headache and some major hangry feelings.

  4. Great insight! I think for the question of #4 – it would be nice to never sweat because I might be odd that I like feeling a little sore after working out, feels good to know I worked hard!

  5. 1. Situps
    2. Spinach
    3. Water
    4. Never sore
    5. Strong legs and weak arms
    6. Mean trainer
    7. Strict diet
    8. B.O.
    9. Give up cheese
    10. Eat pizza -no brainer! Haha.

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