12 Workout Safety Tips To Prevent Injury And Get Healthy

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Everyone knows exercise is healthy. But you also know what they say about too much of a good thing. Overdoing it does not do the body good, especially if you have an injury or chronic health condition to think about. And even if you’re perfectly healthy and strong, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re working to improve your fitness.

Whether you’ve been working out for years or you’re just starting an exercise plan knowing some basic fitness safety tips can help you prevent injuries and get the most out of your exercise routine.

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12 Workout Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

The tips below can help you prevent injury and make your workouts more productive.

  1. Warm up with some slow, gentle stretches before working out. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Pay attention to your body. If something hurts, stop what you’re doing. If you’re feeling sick or exhausted take a day off until you’re feeling better. Take at least one day off to recover each week.
  3. Mix it up. Doing the same thing day after day can cause repetitive use injuries. For example, if you love running that’s awesome, but try weight lifting (or something else) a couple of days a week to give your knees, ankles, and feet a break. Or, if you’re into tennis, consider power walking, swimming, or yoga on your off days to prevent tennis elbow.
  4. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. If you’re doing intense workouts you may also want to consider adding electrolyte drinks.
  5. Be aware of the weather conditions if you’re exercising outside and dress appropriately. If it’s scorching hot the body can dehydrate and become overheated easily so be vigilant about listening to your body’s cues and not overdoing it.
  6. Select the proper shoes for your chosen activity. It’s important to wear supportive footwear that matches your exercise regimen. So, if you’re into walking, purchase a good pair of walking shoes. If strength training is your thing get some lifting shoes.
  7. Wear clothing that matches your exercise of choice. There are so many options available – Yoga and Pilates wear, biking gear, swimming, weight lifting, walking, running, weight lifting, and so much more.
  8. Wear reflective gear when you’re working out in the great outdoors, especially at dusk, dawn, and at night. This helps vehicles see you when they drive by.
  9. Always practice good technique, especially when weight lifting. Injuries can occur if the focus is on getting more reps instead of good form. Start out lifting with very light weights until your form is perfect. You can add more weight later. Don’t rush through sets just to complete an exercise because it could lead to injuries.
  10. If you’re going outside don’t work out alone. Go with a friend or take your dog.
  11. Check your equipment frequently to make sure that it is working properly and in good condition.
  12. Cool down at the end of your workout for about 5 to 10 minutes with gentle stretching.



Workout Safety Tips From A Personal Trainer

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