Why You Should Try Intermittent Fasting: 10 Solid Reasons

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Let’s not beat around the bush. As some of you may know, I’m a health coach and intermittent fasting lover. I help people like you create healthy habits that are easy to do, affordable, and long-lasting.

Today, I’ll be sharing 3 reasons why you should try intermittent fasting (IF).

More importantly, today I’ll be helping you make a solid decision of whether you want to simplify your life, have more energy, lose body fat, and reduce cravings or… spend your time trying to count calories, macros or points, or working out for an hour a day…and feeling frustrated. 🙂

The thing is, intermittent fasting is NOT suitable for everyone. That’s the truth.

I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in fasting and wanted to lose weight or have more energy… but they never got anywhere because they did not dig deep enough to truly understand why clean fasting or eating healthy food (in their eating window) is so important.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Intermittent Fasting

After talking to dozens of my most successful clients, I’ve distilled the 3 main reasons why anyone would want to lose weight, prevent disease, and simplify their lives. And it’s not what you imagine!

Here are the top 3 reasons I’ve discovered:

  1. Get healthy so I can be more involved with my family/children/friends
  2. Feel less stress and more peace
  3. Live a long, healthy life

What about you? Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

I want you to get real clear on your reason(s) behind why you want to lose weight or get healthy. Let’s not talk about superficial reasons. I want you to dig deep to truly figure out why you want to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

You may realize at the end of the day that fasting isn’t for you, and that’s okay. But if you realize that fasting may be something you are interested in, I’m here to walk this journey with you!

If you’re still not sure if IF is right for you, consider the following additional IF benefits…

Get the FREE Intermittent Fasting Ebook!

free intermittent fasting ebook
FREE Intermittent Fasting Ebook

7 Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Here are 7 more reasons to give IF a try!

  • Weight loss and belly fat loss[*]
  • Reduced cholesterol[*]
  • May help prevent neurodegenerative disease[*]
  • Cellular repair[*]
  • Increases levels of human growth hormone (HGH)[*]
  • Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes[*]
  • Reduced inflammation[*]


Printable Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Weight loss is a significant concern for many people, particularly women who are starting families or working full-time. Fasting may help you lose weight without feeling hungry or restricted. The key, however, is to use the most effective strategies! This is where a fasting tracker comes in handy.

Here are some of the advantages of using an IF tracker:

  1. Helps you develop healthy habits so you can see results
  2. Keeps track of your progress so you can learn what works best for YOU
  3. Keeps you organized
  4. It keeps you going when you’re tempted to give up

To get the most out of your fasting lifestyle, we created a simple printable intermittent fasting tracker. Check out the tracker in our Thrive Berry Etsy shop by clicking on the image below.

intermittent fasting tracker
Printable Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Final Thoughts: Why IF May Be a Great Choice For You

So let me know… what’s your personal WHY for wanting to simplify your life, lose weight, or prevent disease?

Why are YOU interested in intermittent fasting? Why would YOU like to achieve less stress and cravings and feel more at peace?

I truly don’t think that it’s a coincidence that you’re here. xx, Lori

Share your thoughts about intermittent fasting below!

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