10 Self-Care Tips for Women: How To Cope With Stress Without Sacrificing Yourself

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It’s no secret that living in the 21st century is challenging. It seems like there are more demands on women than ever before, and the expectations for what a woman should be capable of doing at any given moment seem to increase with each passing day. The result? Stress levels through the roof, not enough time or money to do anything about it, and an emotional rollercoaster that never stops running.

Self-care is essential for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for women in the age of self-doubt, social media judgment, and FOMO.

The good news is you don’t have to live this way! In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 self-care tips for women so you can finally start taking better care of yourself without sacrificing who you are.

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What is self-care?

When you care for yourself, you are taking time to recharge your batteries. You’re self-nurturing, taking care of your body and mind to be the best version of yourself. It’s not selfish or a sign that you don’t love others; it’s simply about giving yourself what you need to do all the hard work in life.

A lack of self-care comes from never feeling like we have enough time, money, or self-love to do the necessary things. We don’t prioritize ourselves because of our self-doubt and lack of self-worth.

Self-care can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day for yourself (even if it’s just five!), doing something that makes you feel good inside out, surrounding yourself with self-loving people, or treating yourself to something special every once in a while.

Check out this video for some simple healthy habits you can do at home.

Why self-care?

You may be wondering, “Why self-care?” There’s no denying that self-care is a hot topic lately, and it can seem like every woman has their own definition of what self-care means.

But here at LoriGeurin.com, we believe taking care of yourself isn’t an option anymore–in fact, in our opinion, self-care is more necessary now than ever.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting our little blog. I appreciate you!

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But why does self-care matter?

In a world where our self-worth is often determined by how much we can accomplish, we must stop and take care of ourselves to keep grounded and healthy enough for the next challenge.

Self-care should be practiced every day–no excuses! It’s taken me over 40 years to learn this powerful truth. I used to believe that putting myself first was self-indulgent or selfish, but after dealing with a chronic illness for nearly a decade, I’m convinced I was wrong.

Self-care is an essential part of living a healthy life. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you may be unable to take care of the people who matter most to you.

We all need to care for ourselves for different reasons. Whether you have a family, work full time outside of the home, or are studying to become a professional and it’s hard to balance both responsibilities with self-care.

The following self-care tips will help you take good care of yourself, so you can best handle what life throws your way.

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10 Self-Care Tips For Women, Because You’re Worth It!

1. Do something you enjoy, like reading a good book or painting.

In search of fun activities? Here are 100 low-cost hobbies to try.

2. Get a massage.

3. Take some time to meditate.

4. Try self-soothing techniques, such as taking a warm bath or listening to relaxing sleep music.

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5. Start an exercise program and make it fun (e.g., sign up for yoga).

6. Spend some time with your pet.

7. Listen to your favorite music that inspires you. If there are songs that make you feel happy and energized, then play those!

8. Turn off electronics. The blue light from screens has been shown to interfere with our sleep patterns and lead us into a state of anxiety!

(Here’s more info on the harmful effects of blue light.)

9. It may be counterintuitive, but making yourself a priority also means saying no to your friends once in a while. We all need time for ourselves, and being available 24/hours is not sustainable or healthy. Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most important ways to care for yourself.

10. Remember: self-care isn’t selfish–you’re worth it! Care for yourself without feeling guilty.


How can I practice self-care every day?

Making yourself a priority every day can be difficult. It’s essential to get out of that mindset that caring for yourself is for the self-indulgent or self-centered. The goal of self-care is to create a sense of balance and not let too much stress overwhelm you. You can practice self-soothing techniques, get a massage, or read a good book.

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Why is self-care so important?

Self-care is an essential part of living a healthy life. If you don’t take time for yourself, life will start to feel like an endless rollercoaster ride with no breaks. Self-care helps you recharge after a stressful day at work or school and allows you to enjoy life more.

How do you nurture yourself emotionally?

Self-nurturing is different for everyone, but it may include self-soothing techniques such as coloring, making a cup of tea, or writing in your journal. Asking for help from others and practicing self-leadership are also forms of taking care of you.

Self-nurturing emotional health can be done by making time for yourself.

What causes a lack of self-care?

There are many reasons for the lack of self-care, but some common ones include being overwhelmed with work, not having enough time to practice self-nurturing techniques, or even just forgetting about it. Some more specific reasons can be chronic illness (e.g., depression), lack of self-esteem, or feeling like you don’t deserve it.

How to care for yourself when you have no time and/or money?

Making time for yourself doesn’t require a lot of time or even any resources at all! For example, self-soothing techniques could be as easy as coloring in your journal. It may not sound self-nurturing, but self-soothing can be as simple as taking a deep breath.

Deep Breathing Exercise

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Is it wrong to prioritize myself?

No, self-care is not selfish at all! It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes and give your body what it needs; you deserve that too. Many people feel guilty when they practice making time for themselves because of this misconception.

It’s important not to neglect yourself! You are worth it! Take a break from work when you come home from a long day at the office. This can help you return to work with more self-respect and feeling invigorated.

What is a good self-care routine?

People have many self-care routines, but they could vary depending on your needs and personality. One self-care routine that involves self-nurturing activities is taking a warm bath with candles and salts.

Another healthy routine is walking outdoors or listening to your favorite music.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of walking.

For self-leadership, one may act assertively when faced with an undesirable situation rather than resorting to being passive or aggressive.

(Learn how to be more assertive.)

What are some areas of self-care?

1. Self-soothing care doesn’t require much time or resources. You simply learn how to comfort yourself and care for your heart when you feel stressed, angry, sad, or lonely.

2. Self-leadership involves being assertive when faced with a challenging situation.

3. Self-respect happens when you give your body the things it needs to function well daily, such as practicing self-soothing techniques or reading a good book.

4. Self-preservation is taking a break from work, hobbies, school, etc.

5. Self-evaluation requires a limited amount of time and resources. This includes taking small breaks throughout the day, such as standing up at your desk or walking away from it for a while if you’re sitting down. Think about how things are going and consider whether you could improve an aspect of your day to be more effective.

Why is self-care so hard?

It’s personal, and by practicing it daily, you can make sure that your body and mind are as healthy as possible.

One of the most challenging tasks for people is to take care of themselves first to be more emotionally and physically available to take care of others. You have to say no sometimes, even when you don’t want to, but know it’s best for yourself in the long run.

When you take care of yourself you’re better-equipped to show up for the people in your life.

– LoriGeurin.com

Is it wrong to prioritize myself?

It’s not self-centered to take care of yourself. This is critical for anyone, and especially those with demanding careers or lifestyles. By practicing self-care daily, you can make sure that your body and mind are as healthy as they can be by feeding your physical and emotional needs.

If making yourself a priority is something you’re struggling with, don’t beat yourself up—instead, keep trying! It may seem like it’ll never come naturally to you, but it gets easier the more time you spend on doing it.

To practice every day, you could take small breaks by walking around their neighborhood or spending 15 minutes coloring in your journal. This routine is soothing to your nerves and builds self-respect.

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Summary – Self-Care Tips For Women

Taking time for yourself without feeling guilty isn’t selfish. It’s essential. It may be difficult at first, but it’s worth the effort if you want to feel healthy and be there for the people you love the most.

Why not try out a soothing routine that doesn’t require much time or money? You deserve some care too!

If making yourself a priority isn’t coming naturally to you yet, don’t give up—it only gets easier with practice. It takes different forms depending on your needs and personality preferences. One self-care routine could involve taking walks outside or listening to music, while another might mean reading a good book by candlelight.

So, find what works best and inspires you, and make yourself a priority.

Share your self-care tips for women in the comments below!

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