20 Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts And How To Do Kettlebell Swings

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Wondering how to do kettlebell swings? In this blog post, you’ll learn 20 impressive benefits of kettlebell workouts and exactly how to do them.

Have you ever tried a kettlebell workout? Although it might seem like a fitness fad (because they’re so popular), kettlebells have been around for years. Plus, working out with kettlebells has research-backed benefits including strength gains, improved balance, and better flexibility. So, let’s take a look at what makes these bell-shaped weights so appealing to fitness fanatics everywhere.

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What Are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells look like cannonballs with a handle on top. They’re made of cast iron or are vinyl-coated. And they can be filled with sand, concrete, or gravel.

Kettlebell training focuses on whole-body functional training. Not just the isolated muscle movements you get with weightlifting. No one is disputing the benefits of weight training. But if you want to see amazing strength gains and you’re short on time,  you may just want to try a kettlebell workout for yourself.

Plus, it’s fun! But don’t just take my word for it.

woman doing kettlebell workout
How To Do Kettlebell Swings

20 Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts

1. It’s Functional Strength Training

Training your body this way can help you do everyday activities more easily. This makes it the perfect exercise for anyone.

2. Doesn’t Take Up Much Space

Kettlebells are compact and portable.

Compared to a weight bench and a set of free weights, they take up very little room. You can stick them in the closet when they’re not being used.

Here are 100+ fitness motivation quotes to inspire you.

3. Improved Posture

Did you know having poor posture can actually steal your body’s energy?

When your posture is out of alignment it stresses your body because you’re constantly trying to keep it upright. And this can cause chronic back pain.

When using a kettlebell focus on your hips, core, and shoulder movements to maintain correct posture. (Don’t miss the video below for tips on how to swing a kettlebell correctly.)

4. Great For Busy People

Kettlebells give an intense workout in much less time than many other fitness tools. Some people see incredible results with as little as 10 to 20 minutes, twice a week!

Although many of us are busy, most people can carve out 10 minutes in a 24-hour day period.

5. Kettlebells Are For Everyone

Almost anyone can do it.

Whether you’re a muscled-up weightlifter or a 50-year-old couch potato (hey, no judgment here), you can learn the proper form and train with kettlebells.

(Please check out the instructional video at the end of this article for helpful tips on maintaining proper form.)

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woman swinging kettlebell
Kettlebells are filled with a variety of materials and come in different weights.

6. Increased Strength

The strength gains you get with kettlebell workouts are impressive! (1)

And because it gives you a whole-body workout, everything gets stronger. These strength improvements can help you do everyday tasks such as housework, yard work, and lifting boxes.

I can tell you’re getting excited now, because who doesn’t love housework?

Being strong can also protect against injury.

7. Fat Loss And Calorie Burn

By increasing muscle mass, your body will burn more fat, even when it is at rest. And what’s not to love about that?

Some say you can burn up to 20 calories or more per minute training with kettlebells.

8. Combines Strength, Cardio And Flexibility For A Full-Body Workout

The strength and cardio gains are real, you guys! And the fluid full range of motion movements increase your flexibility.

This is one of the best quick workouts you can do for your health.

I love this next one the best…

9. It’s Fun!

If you’re like me, you get bored doing the same workouts all the time. But, I’ve never been bored with my kettlebell training.

There are so many variations you can do. Try it and see for yourself.

(For more ways to have fun while working out, check out my planking video below. My dog, Rudy, always makes things, ahem, fun?)

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Doing Planks With My Boston Terrier, Rudy Video

10. Saves Money

I spent less than $40 on my vinyl-coated kettlebell. You can easily find them on Amazon and in sporting goods stores. They come in different weights.

Compared to a gym membership or purchasing a weight bench and dumbbells, they’re much more cost-effective.

11. Ladies Won’t Bulk Up

Some of you girls may be concerned if you do any form of weight training you’ll end up looking like the Hulk.

Fortunately, kettlebells build long, lean muscles, not bulky ones. So, never fear, your kettlebell is here!

You get the point.

12. Easy On Your Joints

The ballistic physics at work when you perform different kettlebell movements protect your joints from injury. They encourage natural movements.

It’s a beautiful thing.

13. Simplicity

If you’re into simplicity and minimalism the kettlebell is perfect for you!

With one simple movement, such as the swing, you can experience amazing strength and cardio improvements.

14. Great For Core Strength

When you do kettlebell movements correctly your core stays engaged. This results in a stronger, shredded core.

Gimmee that six-pack!

15. Engages The Entire Body

When you lift weights isolated muscles are used. But with kettlebells, your entire body is activated and involved.

16. Can Help With Lower Back Pain

This is a big one for many people who suffer from low back pain.

Your back was not designed to compensate for weak hips and glutes. When it does your back hurts.

By strengthening your core (not to mention all the other muscles in the body) kettlebells engage the hips and glutes. This trains the body on how to correctly lift objects and do everyday tasks more efficiently.

17. Relieves Body Pain And Stiffness

Kettlebells are my go-to when I’m dealing with chronic pain. If you have ongoing pain you may want to try it and see if it helps bring you relief too.

18. Boosts Weight Loss

Because so many muscles are involved you can get a serious calorie burn.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin‚ La Crosse have studied how many calories are burned during a workout. They equate it to running a 6-minute mile!

Amazing, right? As you can see, this makes kettlebell workouts for weight loss very popular.

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19. Improves Balance

A recent study led by ACE Fitness experts found that training with kettlebells significantly improved balance. (2)

20. Superior Results

Because training with kettlebells involves the entire body, the results are impressive. It’s a fierce cardio-respiratory workout that requires all the major muscle groups.

People often see faster gains doing a kettlebell workout twice weekly than doing just about anything else.


benefits of kettlebell workouts infographic
20 Reasons To Try A Kettlebell Workout INFOGRAPHIC

How Much Kettlebell Weight Should I Use?

Depending on who you talk to, here are some general recommendations:

  • For men, start with a 16-kg (35lb) kettlebell.
  • For women, start with an 8-kg (18 lb.) kettlebell.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different. These weights are merely suggestions, but if you are already strong and fit you may want to start with more weight.

Alternatively, if you are chronically ill or have recovered from an illness or injury you may need to start with less weight. Please use your best judgment.

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Is it okay to do kettlebell swings every day?

Depending on the intensity of your workout, it’s probably okay to do kettlebell exercises every day. But it depends on how experienced you are and how quickly you recover after your workouts.

Are kettlebell swings good for abs?

When performed correctly, the workout can build a stronger core, toning your abs. And a stronger core helps prevent back issues.

Kettlebells – Special Considerations

If you haven’t exercised in a while, talk to your doctor before training with kettlebells.

Please watch the instructional videos below to learn proper form and prevent injuries.

woman doing kettlebell workout

Final Thoughts – Kettlebell Swing Workout

Kettlebell workouts for women and men offer an exceptional workout and incredible results for the entire body. They increase your overall body strength, burn calories and deliver impressive cardiovascular improvements.

Offering intense benefits in a short time is a no-brainer for people who are already working out.

Just make sure you learn how to use the kettlebells correctly and focus on proper form. It’s better to do 10 kettlebell swings with excellent form than 50 with sloppy, improper form.

How To Do Kettlebell Swings Video

The video below shows how to do the basic kettlebell swing movement with proper form. It also shows common mistakes people make when swinging the kettlebell. This helps you know whether you’re making the correct movement.

How To Swing A Kettlebell Video

Beginners Kettlebell Workout

Below is a basic kettlebell workout that is perfect if you’re just getting started.

Beginners Kettlebell Workout Video

Have you tried a kettlebell workout? What benefits have you experienced?

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    1. Absolutely, Heather! My husband lifts weights and also enjoys kettlebell workouts too. They’re great for beginners or people who are advanced. You can start small and gradually add more reps or move up to a heavier kettlebell to make things more challenging.

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