6 Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits To Boost Your Health

pink himalayan salt benefits / pink salt in a spoon

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Get 6 pink Himalayan salt benefits to boost your health, plus uses, and a salt scrub recipe for smoother skin.

Pink Himalayan salt is a great alternative to table salt. And, best of all, it’s packed with some great health benefits. I first heard about Himalayan pink salt a few years ago from my doctor. After months of severe pain, fatigue, and increasing autoimmune issues I’d learned I had untreated Lyme disease.

I’d lost a lot of weight so my muscles were wasting and my body was depleted. My doctor told me to trade in my regular table salt for pink Himalayan salt and my family and I have been using it ever since. I only wish I’d known about it sooner because it tastes much better than the white stuff.

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Prepare to be impressed by this health-giving pure, pink salt!

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himalayan pink salt benefits

What Is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan sea salt has been around for ages. We’re talking over 4 billion years. When planet Earth was first formed (1)! Did you know that people have used it for thousands of years as natural medicine?

In fact, in the Himalayas, it’s known as “white gold.”

Other names for it include:

  • rock salt
  • pink sea salt
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Himalayan crystal salt

Also, it is now known as the purest, most nutrient-dense salt you can buy.

pink himalayan salt benefits / pink salt on a table
Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals, electrolytes and elements.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting our little blog. I appreciate you!

Pink Himalayan Salt Nutritional Information

According to The Meadow, pink salt contains the electrolytes, trace minerals, and elements below. They’re listed in alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure. Ready, set, scroll!

  • actinium
  • aluminum
  • antimony
  • arsenic
  • astatine
  • barium
  • beryllium
  • bismuth
  • boron
  • bromine
  • cadmium
  • calcium
  • carbon
  • cerium
  • cesium
  • chlorine
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • copper
  • dysprosium
  • erbium
  • europium
  • fluorine
  • francium
  • gadolinium
  • gallium
  • germanium
  • gold
  • hafnium
  • holmium
  • hydrogen
  • indium
  • iodine
  • iridium
  • iron
  • lanthanum
  • lead
  • lithium
  • lutetium
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • mercury
  • molybdenum
  • neodymium
  • neptunium
  • nickel
  • niobium
  • nitrogen
  • osmium
  • oxygen
  • palladium
  • phosphorus
  • platinum
  • plutonium
  • polonium
  • potassium
  • praseodymium
  • protactinium
  • radium
  • rhenium
  • rhodium
  • rubidium
  • ruthenium
  • samarium
  • scandium
  • selenium
  • silicon
  • silver
  • sodium
  • strontium
  • sulfur
  • tantalum
  • tellurium
  • terbium
  • thallium
  • thorium
  • thulium
  • tin
  • titanium
  • uranium
  • vanadium
  • wolfram
  • yttrium
  • ytterbium,
  • zinc
  • zirconium

Did you make it to the end of the list?  Nice work! As you can see, pink Himalayan salt is “mineral dense.” And this makes it beneficial to your health.

benefits of pink himalayan salt / himalayan mountains
The Himalayas

Where Does Himalayan Pink Salt Come From?

The salt is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. These mines are located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range. This is also the second-largest salt mine in the world.

The salt from these mines ranges in color from transparent to shades of white, pink and red. The mine incorporates an impressive 25 miles of tunnels on 11 levels dug into the mountains.

Pink Himalayan Salt Versus Table Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a healthier choice compared to table salt. First of all, Himalayan salt is pure and mined by hand.

In comparison, commercialized table salt is highly processed and stripped of its minerals. Most table salt also has anti-clumping agents added. These are very bad for your health. Even worse, many table salts go through a bleaching process and have toxic additives which are harmful to humans.

Even many sea salts, which were once viewed as pure and healthy, contain an increasing amount of toxins because of pollution in our oceans.

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What Are The Salt Wars?

Salt is blamed for many modern-day ills, such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Yet, despite what you’ve heard, salt is vital to our health.

In fact, there are real risks to limiting your salt intake. These include:

  • insulin resistance
  • death from heart disease
  • increased LDL and triglycerides
  • increased risk of death from diabetes (2)

Please note that you need to get enough potassium in your diet to balance out your sodium intake. This is especially true for people who eat many processed foods and very little vegetables.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

1. Improves Respiratory Problems

Halotherapy is a natural treatment for those with respiratory issues. It loosens mucus and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It’s especially effective for people who have bronchitis (3).

2. Improves Sleep

Research shows that low-sodium diets cause disrupted sleep (4). No one is suggesting you go crazy with the salt shaker. But a high-sodium diet is related to longer sleep patterns with fewer wakings.

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pink salt scrub recipe / pink salt in a bowl

3. Exfoliates Skin

Wondering about Himalayan salt benefits for your skin? The texture of pink salt makes an excellent exfoliating scrub that will give you incredibly smooth skin.

Here’s a simple salt scrub recipe:

Simply melt the coconut oil and mix all of the ingredients together to create a thick paste. Store the salt scrub in a glass container. This makes a wonderful body scrub! Just don’t use it on your face because the salt is a little too rough for the delicate facial skin.

Another way to use Himalayan salt is in your bath.

It’s invigorating and stimulates your circulation, similar to dry brushing. First, dissolve 1 pound of salt in a hot bath. Then soak in the tub for about 20 minutes. You can also add essential oils if you like.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to help move the toxins out of your body.

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4. Balances pH

Having a well-balanced pH is essential for good health. When your acid-to-alkaline ratio is in proper balance it boosts your immune system. Because Himalayan salt has over 84 trace minerals and elements, some believe that it helps keep your pH in balance.

5. Improves Digestion

Some people believe that pink salt can help with digestive issues. There’s not much research on this but it may be worth a try.

You can make your own “sole”, which is a drinkable solution of Himalayan salt and purified water. Also, according to Dr. Sircus:

Daily use of sole is believed to stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive organs, balance the stomach acid, support the production of digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas, regulate the metabolism and harmonize the acid-alkaline balance (5).

Here are directions on how to prepare sole and enjoy pink Himalayan salt in water.

6. An Air Purifier

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage. Some say they can help purify the air you breathe. Plus, you can buy them on Amazon, so that’s a plus.

The jury’s out on whether pink salt lamps truly offer health benefits, but they sure look cool. And I love how they create a soft ambiance in your space. Perfect for relaxing with a good book!

Below is the pink salt lamp my hubby gave me for Christmas. I turn it on at night while I’m reading and it gives everything a soft pink glow. The light it emits is gentle and helps me prepare for a good night’s sleep.
Pink Himalayan salt is healthier than table salt & has amazing health benefits including balancing pH, and better sleep and respiration.

More potential health benefits of using pink Himalayan salt include: (7)

  • Increased bone strength
  • Reduced leg cramps (Charley horse)
  • The lowered incidence of sinus problems
  • Promotes vascular system health
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar
  • Encourages a healthy libido
  • Circulatory support
  • Reduces common signs of aging
  • Regulates water levels in the body for maximal functioning
  • Promotes cellular energy creation
  • Encourages increased absorption of food in the intestinal tract
  • Promotes gallbladder and kidney health in comparison to chemically treated table salt

How To Use Pink Himalayan Salt

You can use pink salt just as you would with table salt. Use it to flavor soups, casseroles, and sauces. And enjoy putting it on your food at mealtime.

You can purchase coarse pink salt to use in a grinder or fine grain pink salt that’s already ground and ready to add to your food.

Summary – Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Using pink Himalayan salt instead of table salt is a healthy choice. The research proving its benefits seems lacking. Even so, many people report that when they use pink salt in moderation, it enhances the flavor of your food and boosts your health. Some say it can improve your digestion, balance pH, improve your sleep and detoxify your body.

It’s definitely a healthier alternative to table salt, so, despite the lack of firm evidence, I’m glad I made the switch to Himalayan salt and encourage you to try it too.

Do you use Himalayan salt? What do you like about it? Share below!

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  1. I love pink himalayan salt so much and use it every day when I cook. I’m really interested in looking into the lamp now too!

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