Lyme Disease Awareness

Here's a list of resources for Lyme disease awareness to help you learn more about Lyme disease and protecting your loved ones.

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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. So, I wanted to compile a list of resources that would be helpful to anyone wanting to learn more about Lyme disease and protect their loved ones. If you live anywhere in the United States (or many other countries throughout the world) this is essential reading.

Despite what you may have heard, you can get Lyme disease anywhere there are ticks because ticks have no borders. And Lyme has now been reported in all 50 states.

People, pets, and ticks all travel, so the disease is not confined to one particular area. It is prevalent throughout the world. It is crucial to know the facts so you can protect your loved ones from suffering the debilitating effects of Lyme.

Lyme Disease Resources

I’ve gathered a list of articles I’ve written about Lyme and additional resources to share information I believe is imperative to everyone. If I can help prevent even one person from going through this crazy Lyme thing I sincerely want to.

  • Read Warning: Lyme Disease Is Spreading Faster Than AIDS to learn why we should be more concerned about Lyme disease than ever before. Also, learn how to prevent getting Lyme.
  • Lyme Disease is known as the “Great Imitator” because the symptoms are the same as many other diseases and conditions. Find out The Signs And Symptoms Of Lyme Disease.
  • Check out Is Chronic Lyme Disease Real? Part 1 to learn about the controversy surrounding the chronic Lyme disease debate.
  • Find out about The Spoon Theory in Chronic Illness: What’s a Spoonie Anyway?  These articles can help you better understand what it’s like to have a chronic illness, such as chronic Lyme disease.
  • If you’d like to learn about my personal history with Lyme disease, please read Living With Lyme Disease, Part 1Living With Lyme Disease, Part 2, and New York Times, This Is Lyme.
  • In The Shocking Truth About Forgiveness And Your Health, I share some of the obstacles I (and thousands of other people with untreated Lyme) faced when I literally felt like I was dying but couldn’t find a diagnosis or treatment in the local medical community. It was an emotional roller coaster and made it so challenging for me and my loved ones to keep hope alive. Thankfully, I was eventually able to find several excellent doctors who recognized my symptoms. They accurately diagnosed me with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases (based on positive diagnostic tests and clinical diagnosis) and treated (and are continuing to treat) me.
  • You can also read more about my experiences in Make the Journey Beautiful. Sometimes life deals us lemons and we have to decide what to do.
  • Another excellent Lyme disease resource is the ILADS website.
  • A powerful documentary film about Lyme disease is Under Our Skin. When I first heard about the film a couple of years ago it was available to view for free online. However, now it appears that it is only available for purchase. Either way, I would highly recommend it. And they now have a sequel, Under Our Skin, 2 Emergence, and I’m hoping to watch it soon. (You might like to watch the trailer below.)

I created a Lyme resource to help answer your questions. The guide provides you with:

  • more details about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases
  • valuable information on diagnosis and testing
  • where to find financial help for Lyme patients
  • prevention tips
  • instructions for how to properly remove a tick
  • and more…

all based on research. Simply click below to check it out.

Summary – Lyme Disease Awareness And Resources

Untreated Lyme disease is a very real and growing problem in the US and worldwide. I hope the resources above help to educate and bring awareness to Lyme symptoms and how the disease can be prevented.

Advances and discoveries are being made in the field of Lyme research. But we have a long way to go to provide better diagnostic testing and treatments.

There is hope for people who have Lyme disease, as well as loved ones who help care for them. We can and will get better and help others do the same!

Please share this post with everyone you know via the social media buttons to help us spread awareness and help fight Lyme. Thank you!

And please share your experiences, comments and questions in the comments below.

Check out the movie trailer to Under Our Skin, 2 Emergence below.

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2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Awareness”

  1. Katherine Bhana

    My symptoms of Lyme disease occurred in 2017, but was diagnosed in 2019. I had severe symptoms ranging from headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans, i had difficulty with my joints, heart, and my nervous system.. I was given medications which helped but only for a short burst of time, then I decided to try alternative measures and began on Lyme Formula treatment from a health care herbal centre, It has made a tremendous difference for me (Visit  www. natural herbs centre . com)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Katherine. I’m so thankful this protocol has helped you and I hope you continue to experience improved health and wellness. X, Lori

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