Caring for Tired Feet: 8 Ways To Pamper And Soothe Your Feet and Toes

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Our feet are often neglected. And, although you might take the time to paint your nails now and again, many of us don’t think about pampering our tired feet. Our feet are what hold us up; they take the weight of our entire bodies and only rest when we are asleep.

So forget your hands today and pay a little more attention to your feet. Here are some excellent ways to keep them healthy and give them a well-needed pamper session. 

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How To Relieve Tired Feet

1. Remove Dead Skin

Because there’s constant pressure on the skin of our feet, dead skin can build up on our soles and toes. It might seem like an unpleasant job, but filing away this skin leaves your feet feeling smoother and can prevent future issues. Investing in a small emery board or an electronic filer is a small price to pay for smooth and supple feet. Keep reading for a DIY foot scrub recipe.

2. Wear Insoles

Wearing comfort or orthopedic insoles can make an enormous difference to the health of your feet and your overall comfort. Insoles can be inexpensive and protect your arches from coming under added pressure when you walk around.

Following are links to my favorite orthotic insoles:

They’re a small investment upfront but are so worth it. Mine have held up notably well, are high quality, and give excellent support for my plantar fasciitis and heel spur issues. If you have a pair of shoes that aren’t comfortable, then pop in these inserts, and you’ll feel a world of difference!

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3. Prevent Foot Blisters

Many encounter that dreadful feeling when they buy a new pair of shoes, wear them for one day, and end up covered in foot blisters and sore spots. It takes time for your feet to heal and can prevent your ability to walk for a few days afterward. To prevent yourself from making this mistake it’s advisable to break your shoes in before you wear them out to work or an event. If you have a day at home, test out your shoes, and it will loosen the material for easier movement once you do wear them.

Another option is to use a wet newspaper. If you have a pair of shoes you want to wear soon for a party or an event, you can scrunch up some paper, dampen it and place it inside your shoes overnight to stretch the material. It will allow for a quick fix to your tight shoe problem. 

4. Scrub Your Feet

Looking after your feet isn’t only about preventive measures. It’s also about taking some time to pamper your feet as you would with the rest of your body. You can buy a foot scrub from any drugstore. Or, if you like, you can make your own at home. Here is a simple DIY foot scrub recipe that will work wonders on your tired feet:

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ½ cup coconut oil (melted in the microwave)
  • 2-3 drops of any essential oil you like

Mix the ingredients together and store them in a tub for up to 4 months.

Or, if you’d prefer, here’s an amazing little all-natural scrub – Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

5. Get A Fish Pedicure

Now, some states in the USA have actually banned these pedicures for sanitary concerns. Plus, PETA has had problems with them too. However, you may have heard of the fad where people get small fish to eat the dead skin off their feet. It sounds weird and pretty disgusting, but it can be an excellent way to treat your toes and get rid of dead skin without having to use an emery board.

Some choose to relax in their seat and dip their toes in the warm water while small fish work their way around and clean their feet. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, and personally, I can’t recommend it due to all the concerns. But I know people who’ve tried it and say it’s amazing, so there you go.

6. Get A Pedicure

You may be familiar with getting your toenails done at the local salon before you go on vacation. However, how many of you have actually stayed for a full pedicure? Let beauty professionals pamper your feet and remove dead skin. They’ll massage your aching muscles and moisturize your feet to leave them feeling youthful and revitalized.

7. Wear Moisturizing Gel Socks To Bed

An easy fix for dry and sore feet is to buy a pair of moisturizing gel socks and wear them to bed. It might feel weird at first, but the socks are full of nourishing oils that set to work on your feet overnight and leave you with soft, supple skin in the morning.

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8. Take Care Of Your Body

Finally, to truly take care of your feet and keep them healthy and functioning well, you need to look after your entire body. For example, regular exercise will strengthen the muscles in your feet. And eating protein can help repair damage to your aching muscles.

Taking probiotics helps your gut and allows you to digest essential nutrients you need for every part of your body, including your feet. A healthy lifestyle focused on clean eating full of leafy greens, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds will keep your entire body revitalized, from your head to your toes.

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What tips do you have for pampering tired feet?

Leave your comments below. Your thoughts matter to me!

Looking after tired feet is not as hard as you might think. This article gives you essential tips for pampering your feet for improved health.

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56 thoughts on “Caring for Tired Feet: 8 Ways To Pamper And Soothe Your Feet and Toes”

  1. This is much needed advice. We just moved and I’ve been standing for basically the past two months. It’s been a crazy busy time for us and I’m absolutely ready to slow down!

  2. Chanel van Reenen

    I love the newspaper idea! I am definitely going to try that on my new shoes. I have also wanted to get a fish pedicure but can’t find a place near me!

  3. I have always wanted to try the socks or gloves to bed to help with my feet. I may just have to take the plunge and try.

  4. I love getting a pedicure every few months, in between treating myself at home. Now if I could just figure out a way to keep my aloe socks on at night then my feet wouldn’t feel so dry.

  5. Reesa Lewandowski

    This is really helpful for me. I suffer from unexplained foot pain. I have noticed though when I do not eat right – basically too much sugar & carbs – I am in so much more pain.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. But, I’m so sorry about your foot pain. 🙁

      Thanks for pointing this out about the sugar and carbs – because they’re inflammatory they tend to exacerbate body pain. I’ve noticed this too and have cut way back on both because of it.

    1. The gel socks are great, but in a pinch I just use a thick moisturizing cream and throw on a pair of socks. You’ll be catching all the zzzz’s in no time, Rachel. 😉

  6. I really need to follow this. I just don’t have very much time to take care of myself, so my foot care is basically allowing myself to put them up at the end of the day.

    1. Hey Melissa, That’s good that you don’t have trouble. Pedicures are wonderful aren’t they?!

      I can relate…I can count on one hand the number of pedicures I’ve had in my life. Think I should take my own advice here. ha

  7. Such good information! I am on a strict pedicure every two week schedule. My feet were sooo neglected during my last pregnancy and I never want to go through that again. I wish I could keep socks on at night!

  8. I go for pedicures every week. I think good hygiene is super important and I like to make sure my feet are always smooth and cute.

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