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One of my favorite things about working in the wellness industry is having the honor of working with other women who are pursuing a healthy life. Learning from other experts in the field is something I genuinely love to do. Especially when it comes to fellow Female Fasting Experts.

As you may already know if you’ve been on the blog for a while, my journey back to health began several years ago with untreated chronic Lyme disease. I went from being a healthy, young mom to 4, wife, and teacher to bedridden, debilitated, in chronic pain, and barely able to walk.

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Thankfully, my doctor suggested I try intermittent fasting as a natural practice to help heal some of my various symptoms. And to this day, fasting has renewed my health in many ways.

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I’ve fully embraced fasting and plan to continue it for the rest of my life because of all of the benefits I’ve experienced. I love sharing about it because I know that it’s a proven practice helping so many people just like it’s helped me.

Intermittent Fasting Summit

You can watch my interview, which is part of an 11-Day Virtual Series ‘Fasting for Freedom: Overthrow traditional eating patterns to ignite your life’ that starts Monday, March 2nd.


I can’t wait for you to be a part of this incredible fasting summit! One little golden nugget you pick up can change your health forever.

Don't miss this free intermittent fasting summit for women with interviews from 20 fasting experts on a variety of fasting topics.
Fasting For Freedom Summit, 2020

Female Fasting Experts


You get totally free access to 20+ Expert interviews revealing the top benefits to fasting on a regular basis.

Some of the other intermittent fasting experts include:

  • Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don’t Deny
  • Chantel Ray of the Chantel Ray Way
  • Megan Ramos, Program Director of the Fasting Method Program, with Dr. Jason Fung
  • Dr. Keesha Ewers, Autoimmune Disease expert
  • Dr. Felice Gersh, Double Board Certified OBGYN and Integrative Medicine Physician
  • Dy Ann Parham, Fasting Coach

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Don't miss this free intermittent fasting summit for women with interviews from 20 fasting experts on a variety of fasting topics.
Fasting For Freedom Summit 2020, Female Fasting Experts

Fasting Summit Highlights

Here are a few topics my friend Susannah Juteau, MSc, RD is highlighting on her series:

  • Healing your gut and why that’s so important for practically every health issue out there
  • Regulating all your hormones (think of fertility, menopause, hyperthyroid, etc)
  • Achieving body freedom and letting go of the dieting mindset (love that!)
  • Improving productivity, mood, inflammation, being in tune with your spirituality and so much more!

—> Join for free here

Susannah is a registered dietitian. With intermittent fasting, she was able to get off her headache meds in 8 weeks (after being on them for 5 years post brain surgery!) AND she returned to her normal body weight and has maintained that weight with ease.

You don’t want to miss this series. Especially our interview where we talk about relieving symptoms with fasting. It’s perfect for the New Year.

*Please email me at wellnessforlife@lorigeurin.com with any questions.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? Have you registered for the Fasting For Freedom Summit yet?

Leave your comments below. I love hearing from you!

Don't miss this free intermittent fasting summit for women with interviews from 20 fasting experts on a variety of fasting topics.
Intermittent Fasting Summit 2020 LoriGeurin.com

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  1. Fasting truly is like fire, as they say. So powerful, effective and important to do, and it’s a good idea to have an expert to work with too so that the body doesn’t get depleted in areas.

    1. These are all great points, Shayla! Thank you for sharing about the importance of having the correct information so you can be as healthy as possible. The summit speakers are going to cover a range of topics so it will be full of great information for anyone who is curious about fasting…or for the more advanced too. Hope to ‘see’ you there!

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