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I hope you’re staying warm this Friday, friend. As a cold-natured person, I’m usually dressed in layers, covered with blankets, often wearing fingerless gloves and sometimes earmuffs or hats…indoors in the winter. Can you relate?

So, I’m grateful to have a new fireplace in our home. We’re all enjoying it, including Max and Rudy, our Boston Terriers.

If we follow each other on Instagram, you may have noticed my post earlier in the week about the 2 fireplaces and my daughter Emma. When David and I arrived home from the movies we were amused to find Em in front of not only 1, but 2 fireplaces. She was going for the ultimate coziness factor. So very Hygge!

This article will teach you how to Hygge, give you hostess gift ideas for under $20, hot soup recipes and more Friday Favorites.
2 Fireplaces – Ultra Hygge

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How To Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hue – guh) is a Danish word used to describe a cozy, comfortable feeling or moment of contentment and well-being. The Danes know how to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life and that’s what Hygge is all about.

Plus, according to the 2016 World Happiness Report, Denmark ranks as the happiest country in the world. So they must be onto something.

Here are some tips on embracing Hygge…

How To Be Hygge Tips

  • light candles
  • read a good book that’s uplifting and happy
  • make time to pamper yourself by applying a face mask, smoothing on some yummy body butter, or painting your nails
  • sip a hot cup of chai tea or hot chocolate
  • listen to relaxing music
  • decorate your home with soft pillows and cuddly, plush throw blankets
  • spend quality time with your loved ones
  • watch a movie that makes you laugh
  • simplify your life
  • don’t deprive yourself – Prepare that delectable dish and enjoy it with family or friends.
  • take a break from your phone and focus on living in the moment
  • get outside and soak up the sunshine – It may be winter but you still need your Vitamin D.

The true beauty of Hygge is that it’s free and you can do it anywhere because it’s about enjoying all the good in life and spending quality time with your friends and family. The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living is recommended reading for anyone who wants to learn more about Hygge culture.

Hygge-Friendly Delicious Hot Soup Recipes

Speaking of Hygge, to me, enjoying a bowl of warm soup on a cold day is ultra comforting. The savory scents, hearty flavors and even the way the hot bowl or cup warms my hands when I hold it are all reasons yummy soup is my favorite.

Here are a few of my beloved delicious, healthy soup recipes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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This post gives you 14 tips to reduce holiday stress naturally & enjoy the season instead of being stressed and anxious. Relax and enjoy!
The best gift you can give is kindness. -Lori Geurin

Hostess Gifts Under $20

If you’ve ever racked your brain trying to come up with the perfect hostess gift then look no further. The following items are all available on Amazon Prime and have excellent customer ratings.

These are my favorites because they take the guesswork out of being a thoughtful guest. Just remember that the best gift you can give is kindness.

  • gold measuring cups and spoons
  • adjustable thickness cheese slicer
  • pour-over coffee maker
  • mini bamboo serving trays, because they’re so stinkin’ cute
  • Poo-Pourri for the loo (if you know your hostess well and know they’ll appreciate this type of gift)
  • mini donut maker
  • tea infuser set
  • scented candles
This article will teach you how to Hygge, give you hostess gift ideas for under $20, hot soup recipes and more Friday Favorites.
How To Hygge

Mr. Roger’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Movie

If you grew up watching Mr. Roger’s as I did – or even if you didn’t – this movie is a must-see. Just bring a box of Kleenex.

So. Much. Inspiration. Within a mere 108 minutes.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is based on the true story of the friendship between Fred Rogers (played by Tom Hanks) and Tom Junod, a magazine writer. I don’t want to give anything away but David and I talked about Mr. Roger’s life when the movie was over. And I did want to share my favorite takeaway from the movie and that is this…

People need to be loved and accepted for who they are right now. Today. Not for who they might become someday to gain our acceptance if they change, but for who they already are at this moment.

(Please know that this does not include abusive behavior. That is something different. Just want to make that clear.)

I found this interesting article about Fred and Joanne Roger’s 50-year marriage. Joanne sounds like an amazing lady.

If you liked this, you’ll want to check out:

Have you tried Hygge? What’s your favorite thing about it? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I loved Mr. Rodgers growing up, always looked forward to watching him!! Hygge sounds so intriguing, I had no idea what it was, this is a great article explaining it!

    1. Hi Tisha, Me too! He has been such a positive influence in so many young lives throughout the years. Thank you for the kind words about Hygge…I hope you enjoy some cozy moments this winter.

    1. Thank you, Helen! Embracing hygge has been a beautiful thing, especially since I’m not someone who typically likes cold weather. It’s definitely made the winter months more enjoyable!

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