How To Be Honest With Yourself: And Does It Even Matter?

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As I reflect on this past year, my heart is full of gratitude for God’s grace and provision and for a wonderful family and friends. I’m incredibly thankful for all of my awesome readers – You guys are the best! The blog is growing so much and I’m truly excited about what the future holds. I’m thankful to be able to share my story and make connections with so many awesome people who want to live a healthy life too.

Each of us has a unique life story. Many of us have had difficulties in the past. Whether it’s living through a chronic illness, losing a loved one, a divorce, money problems or any problems people face, your story is important.

I’ve struggled for years with sharing the hard parts of my life, but it’s getting easier. For so long I believed people would only accept me if I had happy, positive things to say. But I’ve learned this simple is not true.

Of course, being completely honest with yourself is hard.

We want to look like we have it all together, but the realities of life are more complex. And I now realize that acting like everything is great (even for the sake of others) isn’t being true to myself or anyone else.

And though I don’t feel like I’ve pretended, I recognize that sometimes I put blinders up to avoid dealing with tough situations. One of the most challenging things for me is being honest with myself. And you cannot deal with what you don’t acknowledge.

Sometimes we need to get down to the nitty-gritty. You know? And when we do, some pretty amazing things can happen!

Have you heard? People want to see the real you. This doesn’t mean we’re complaining all the time or over sharing private information. I’m not talking about betraying a confidence or gossiping about other people here. I would never recommend that.

I mean being yourself, your real self…imperfections and all. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

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The Benefits Of Being Real

I know what you might be thinking – that’s too scary or hard. But once you learn to be honest with your yourself you can experience several benefits:

  • Living honestly can set you free.
  • You feel like a weight has been lifted.
  • Your tribe expands. People are drawn to you because you’re real and easy to relate to.
  • Your self-image improves because you’re being honest and true to yourself.
  • Living honestly, instead of pretending, can put others at ease and encourage them to be real too.

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How To Be Honest With Yourself

Now that you know some of the benefits of being real, you may be wondering how to be honest with yourself. The tips below can help.

  1. Take responsibility for your mistakes. We all make them.
  2. Be aware of your feelings. Then figure out why you’re feeling that way and deal with any problems.
  3. Recognize both the good and bad in your life. Get real with yourself.
  4. Accept your limitations. Stay humble and open to learning more and growing in knowledge.
  5. Be self-aware and practice your new skills.
  6. Take time to journal and/or reflect on your thoughts and actions. Avoid being overly critical of yourself. Focus on what went right and what improvements you can make in the future.
  7. Avoid over-analyzing or rationalizing your situation. Be realistic and face issues head-on.

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Do you ever have trouble being honest with yourself? What helps?

Leave your comments below in the comment section. Your opinion matters to me!

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  1. Kim @ Berly's Kitchen

    I love your list of ways to be honest with yourself. Some of these come easier than others. Definitely gives me some things to work on in 2018. This post was really insightful!

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