Healthy Living From The Comfort Of Home

Living better doesn't have to hard or time-consuming. Here are some simple tips for healthy living from the comfort of home.

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Recent studies have proven that sitting a long time is bad for your health (1, 2). This article isn’t encouraging a sedentary lifestyle where you stay indoors all day every day, but many adults do spend a lot of their time sitting around, whether it’s at home or work. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or you work in an office you may find yourself spending a lot of time sitting indoors. But that doesn’t mean your health needs to take the back seat.

Don’t neglect your mental and physical health. There are plenty of ways to keep your body and mind active without even stepping out of the front door of your house!

If you spend a lot of your time looking after your children, working from home, or simply sitting around when you are at home then here are some simple ways to become healthier without even stepping out of the comfort zone of your humble abode.

Tips For Healthy Living From The Comfort Of Home

1. Work Out

This is a good place to start. Working out isn’t a physical activity reserved for bodybuilders and health nuts; it’s something we all need to do if we want to avoid health problems. In fact, exercising will also help to improve your mental health. Depression, anxiety, and stress can all be reduced by moving your body more often.

You could even work out while you watch TV if you find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to relax in front of your favorite show and exercise.

Maximize the time you have available and find a way to spend fewer of your hours sitting around. You don’t need to become a fitness fanatic but aim to find a way to keep your body active every day.

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Even 10 minutes of brisk walking around your back garden on a daily basis could make a huge difference to your overall health; it could be a nice breath of fresh air after being cooped up all day too.

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2. Make Sleep A Priority

Getting into a healthy sleeping pattern is pretty straightforward, right? You go to bed early, set your alarm 8 hours or more into the future, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Life doesn’t quite work out so easily, unfortunately. Still, if you’re prone to yawning, feeling low in energy, and generally experiencing bodily aches throughout the day then you might need to reconsider the way you’re sleeping.

It’s not just about the length of your sleep but the way in which you sleep. A supportive mattress is crucial to make sure that your body is getting the support it needs while you rest. Comfortable bedding makes your bed cozy and inviting.

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3. Eat Real Food

Eating healthy can be difficult when you’re a busy person. You might find yourself making whatever is the quickest and easiest to shove in the oven or the microwave and this can lead to unhealthy meals. Eating a balanced diet is far easier when you plan in advance. Create a weekly planner for meals and start to think about good things you could eat each night (do this before you feel hungry).

The key is not to cut out treats and snacks completely, but to focus on eating mostly real, whole food. Get some broccoli and peas in your diet for iron, some bananas for potassium, eggs for protein, and so on.

It’s not so difficult to eat a healthy diet if you’re on a budget. Just stock up your fridge with an assortment of foods that cover the nutritional bases mentioned above. Do a little extra research if you’re unsure.

What tips do you have to stay active and healthy? 

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