10 Healthy Aging Tips for Seniors to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy

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Chronic disease affects 85% of older Americans, and 60% of older adults are dealing with two or more chronic conditions, according to the National Council on Aging. Taking charge of your physical and mental health can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. Follow these healthy aging tips to improve your health and well-being.

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10 Healthy Aging Tips for Seniors

1. Stay Active

The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week for seniors who don’t have limiting health conditions. If you have limitations, be as active as possible based on your situation. Increase your movement time and decrease sedentary time gradually.

Joining a senior exercise class lets you socialize while being active. If you exercise alone, stay motivated by creating a fun playlist, listening to podcasts, or watching TV.

healthy food
Healthy aging nutrition includes plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Improve Diet

Healthy eating habits support a healthier lifestyle. Consult with your physician on dietary recommendations, such as a low-sodium or heart-healthy diet.

Emphasize fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains for nutritious fuel for your body.

Learn more about healthy aging nutrition.

3. Explore Hobbies

Hobbies keep you busy and often require motor skills to help you stay sharp. Restart a past hobby or explore new activities for fun.

Senior centers often host classes that let you explore your interests. Check to see what’s offered locally.

Check out our hobbies list (with 100 low-cost hobbies) to get you started.

4. Start a Business

Start a business to stay busy and experience fulfillment. Research business formation processes in your state. LLCs give you personal liability protection, reduce paperwork, and offer tax advantages.

In many states, you can form an LLC by filing articles of organization online through the Corporations Division. Hiring a formation service or doing it yourself saves you hefty lawyer fees.

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5. Get Creative

Creative activities like playing an instrument or painting not only make you feel happier but can also help with your fine motor skills. You may reduce stress and increase fulfillment when you pursue creative activities. 


6. Socialize

The benefits of socialization for seniors can include lower stress, reduced anxiety and depression, and less loneliness. This is important since 43% of seniors report regularly feeling lonely, and there’s a 45% increased mortality risk for those individuals.

Schedule visits with friends and family or explore programs at senior centers for socialization.

7. Practice Relaxation

Meditation, yoga, and other relaxation practices help reduce stress and fight against depression.

Yoga also helps strengthen bones and muscles while making you feel more relaxed. 

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8. Schedule Regular Appointments

Schedule yearly exams with your primary care physician. Your doctor may recommend more frequent visits if you have health concerns, or you may need to see specialists for specific conditions.

Schedule recommended appointments, so your healthcare team can monitor your health and spot new conditions early.

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Consider downsizing to a smaller home.

9. Downsize

Downsizing to an accessible home lets you maintain independence longer. A smaller home is easier to maintain, and you might feel happier with less clutter.

Consider senior living communities where maintenance is included to reduce stress.

10. Volunteer

Volunteering helps you stay active, offers socialization, and lets you feel more fulfilled. Consider local volunteer opportunities with nonprofits that match your values.

Some organizations offer at-home options, like calling for donations if you can’t get out easily.

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Conclusion – 10 Tips for Healthy Aging

Focusing on physical and mental health as you age helps you optimize your well-being. For more support and tools, visit Lori’s wellness store.

This article was written by guest author, Jason Lewis.

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