10 Best Recipes For Easy To Make Protein Pancakes


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Here are 10 recipes for easy to make protein pancakes that are healthy, satisfying, and nutritious.

Looking for something delicious to make for breakfast, but tired of eating the same old thing? Or, maybe you love your breakfast foods, but you feel hungry just a few hours after you eat. Healthy protein pancakes are a great solution – for breakfast or any time of day!

When I was following the keto plan I ate a lot of eggs and bacon for breakfast (when I wasn’t intermittent fasting). But our family enjoys pancakes on a weekly basis now. We still eat eggs but our favorite breakfasts are protein-packed pancakes or overnight oats.

If you’re following a low-carb or keto plan there are plenty of low-carb pancake recipes here!

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healthy protein pancakes with toppings like fruit, yogurt, maple syrup, and chocolate chips

How To Eat Protein Pancakes

Quick, everyone who grew up slathering peanut butter on your pancakes raise your hand! And raise is high because if you haven’t experienced the mind-blowing deliciousness that is PB on pancakes then after reading this post you’ll want to whip some up stat. Because there’s nothing like it.

Go ahead and slice up a banana or throw on a handful of chocolate chips to top off that delicious stack.

What a sight to behold. Am I right?

So thankful my Dad taught me this peanut butter trick when I was a little girl.

I remember going to a friend’s house for a sleepover and wondering where the peanut butter was when they served pancakes for breakfast. I thought, doesn’t everyone put peanut butter on their pancakes?

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Meal Prep Pancakes To Save Time

Nowadays we meal prep a big batch of pancakes for the week. This makes things easy because you simply heat them up in the toaster, microwave, oven, or stove and you have a healthy, delicious breakfast.

One of my daughters loves to grab her cake and go…sort of like a Poptart, only much healthier!

When my husband makes pancakes he replaces the milk or liquid in the recipe with egg whites for extra protein. When I’m not doing the peanut butter thing (which is rare) I also love mine with blueberries and pecans, sweetened with a hint of pure maple syrup or raw honey.

And, of course, the best pancakes are homemade, but, if you’re in a pinch, you can buy protein pancake mixes at your local grocery store and throw in your favorite ingredients – we like berries, nuts, and chia seeds. Sam’s Club has a great option that we keep stocked in our pantry. It’s the Krusteaz Buttermilk.

Below you’ll find 10 of the most delicious recipes for protein pancakes! There are plenty of options for everyone. Simply click on the tan-colored links to go to the recipes in the roundup. (Looking at all these pancake photos is making me hungry. Just look at all that yumminess!) Enjoy!

10 Best Recipes For Easy To Make Protein Pancakes

1. 4-Ingredient Protein Pancakes from Skinny Ms.

5 ingredient pancakes in a huge stack, sliced,  with a big bite on a fork
5-Ingredient Pancakes // Credit: Skinny Ms.

2. Perfect Fluffy Protein Pancakes (no banana!) from Sweet Peas & Saffron

fluffy pancakes topped with whipped cream and blueberries
Perfect Fluffy Pancakes // Credit: Sweet Peas & Saffron

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3. Healthy Pancake Recipe from Happy Healthy Mama

healthy pancakes with bananas on a black plate
Healthy Pancake Recipe // Credit: Happy Healthy Mama

4. Oatmeal Pancakes For One (No Protein Powder) from Oatmeal With A Fork

healthy oatmeal pancakes with syrup and butter on a white plate
Oatmeal Pancakes For One // Credit: Oatmeal With A Fork


5. The Best Pancakes from Pinch Of Yum

a stack of pancakes with peanut butter, chocolate chips and maple syrup on a white plate
The Best Pancakes // Credit: Pinch Of Yum

6. Best Blueberry Pancakes from Simply Quinoa

healthy blueberry pancakes with bananas, coconut, and syrup on a white plate on a table
Best Blueberry Pancakes // Simply Quinoa

7. Sweet Potato Rolled Oat Pancakes from The Roasted Root

sweet potato rolled oat pancakes with maple syrup on a white plate
Sweet Potato Rolled Oat Pancakes // Credit: The Roasted Root

8. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes From Kim’s Cravings

apple cinnamon pancakes with whipped cream, walnuts, and sliced apples
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes // Kim’s Cravings

9. Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes from Eating Well

lemon poppy seed pancakes topped with yogurt and lemon peel on a white plate
Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes // Credit: Eating Well

10. Low Carb Chocolate Pancakes from Wholesome Yum

low carb chocolate pancakes with berries and maple syrup on a white plate
Low Carb Chocolate Pancakes // Credit: Wholesome Yum

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a big stack of healthy pancakes topped with peanut butter, blueberries, and maple syrup on a white plate

Summary – 10 Easy To Make Protein Pancakes

The next time you’re searching for breakfast ideas think of protein pancakes and enjoy one of the tasty recipes above. I’m working my way through all these cakes…how about you?

The protein keeps you feeling full longer and helps you maintain those muscles you’ve worked so hard to build. Best of all, they’re easy to make and dee-licious. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes?

Do you have a favorite recipe for protein pancakes? I’d love to hear about it!

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