Author Marlena Lewis Writes About Life Struggles And Lyme Disease

Author Marlena Lewis shares about her story of hope and living with untreated Lyme disease in her new book, Don't Give Up.

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Author Marlena Lewis Writes New Book

Marlena Lewis, a small town author from Selma, Alabama, writes about her life struggles and her diagnosis of Lyme Disease in her book entitled, Don’t Give Up. Marlena was a vibrant and energetic young lady, full of adventure when she decided to join the military at age 21.

She flourished in her career, and 15 years later she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Not only did this, as well as other dramatic circumstances, change her life, but she felt as though her dreams were ruined.

Through her faith and trust in God, she overcame it all and writes this testimony to share with the world her hope, determination, and faith Her story is truly encouraging and a must-read!

Her book is available by following the links below:

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My Thoughts On Marlena’s Book

Marlena’s book is going to impact so many people for good! Knowing her struggles with Lyme disease, and living with Lyme disease myself, I couldn’t wait to read about her experiences. She was so kind to send me a signed copy of her book.

Marlena is genuine and kind and her story is so moving and powerful. It was a great reminder to me that with God all things are possible!

I truly hope you are able to read it and benefit from her inspirational story of hope.

Summary – Lyme Disease And Hope

Untreated Lyme can be debilitating. There’s currently no cure for Lyme disease, but there’s always hope for the future.

I’m so grateful to people like Marlena who are willing to share their experiences with Lyme and bring greater awareness to this disease that so many of us are dealing with. I’m thankful to have met some amazingly strong people, like Marlena, who continue fighting and living despite all the challenges untreated Lyme has brought into their lives.

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Have you lived through a difficult experience or illness? Do you know anyone with Lyme?

Please share below in the comment section. I love hearing from you!

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