Twenty 30 Day Challenge Ideas To Improve Your Life

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Want an easy way to improve yourself that’s also fun? Here are twenty 30 day challenge ideas to upgrade your health and life. Best of all, you can do them from home or wherever you like – on your schedule!

You’ll find some of the best health and wellness challenges and ideas for weight loss, self-improvement, and fitness. There’s something for everyone and they’re the perfect way to start building a better life for yourself.

What Is A 30 Day Challenge?

A 30 day challenge is a proven approach for achieving new healthy habits and improving your life.

You may have seen online wellness challenges on Pinterest or in Google search. They’ve been around for a while but have become super popular in recent years. Why? Because they’re fun and they work!

They can be a fun way to spice up your life and break out of dull routines while embracing healthier habits. Most of the challenges are fairly simple to start and focus on particular health or wellness goals or behaviors.

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30 day challenges for better health and wellness /  a lady sitting cross-legged at sunset in the mountains

Twenty 30 Day Wellness Challenge Ideas

Each of the challenges in the roundup below is self-paced, meaning you can start and stop them whenever you’d like. My advice is to focus on no more than 1 or 2 at a time. More than this can be counterproductive.

To access each of the challenges, simply click the tan links below. You may want to share this post with a friend so you can do the challenges together. Have fun creating new healthy habits!

1. Social Media Detox Challenge (with a FREE printable calendar!) from

social media detox challenge / a computer keyboard, jewelry , and a cellphone
30 Day Social Media Detox //

2. Health Challenge from Culture Trip

health challenge on a green background
The 30 Day Health Challenge // credit: Culture Trip

3. Happiness Challenge from Captivating Crazy

30-day happiness challenge with flowers and leaves
Happiness Challenge // credit: Captivating Crazy

4. Ab Challenge from Fitty Foodies

30-day ab challenge with pink and black accents
Ab Challenge // credit: Fitty Foodies

5. Squat Challenge from Happy Healthy Motivated

squat challenge with red, orange, yellow, and green blocks
Squat Challenge // credit: Happy Healthy Motivated

6. Gratitude Challenge from DIY With My Guy

30-day gratitude challenge with text on boxes
Gratitude Challenge / credit: DIY With My Guy


7. Plank Challenge from Runnin For Sweets

30 day challenge ideas / plank challenge on green background
Plank Challenge // credit: Runnin For Sweets

8. Detox Water Challenge from Blogilates

30 day challenge ideas / detox water challenge with water and fruit recipes
Detox Water Challenge / credit: Blogilates

9. Healthier You Challenge from Wondermom Wannabe

30 day challenge ideas / healthier you challenge with wellness ideas
Healthier You Challenge // credit: Wondermom Wannabe

10. Self Care Challenge from Forgetting Fairy Tales

30 day self care challenge on a white and pink background
Self Care Challenge // credit: Forgetting Fairy Tales

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11. Walking Challenge from Snacking In Sneakers

30 day challenge ideas / walking challenge and person tying shoelaces on running shoes
Walking Challenge // credit: Snacking In Sneakers

12. Strong Arms Challenge from Your Choice Nutrition

30 day challenge ideas / strong arms challenge with exercises for your arms on a red background
Strong Arms Challenge // credit: Your Choice Nutrition

13. Meditation Challenge from Simply Christa Anne

30 day challenge ideas / meditation challenge for deep breathing practice
Meditation Challenge // credit: Simply Christa Anne

14. Mental Wellness from Blessing Manifesting

30 day challenge / mental wellness challenge for mental health
Mental Wellness Challenge // credit: Blessing Manifesting

15. Yoga Challenge from Darebee

30 day challenge ideas / yoga challenge showing different yoga poses
Yoga Challenge // credit: Darebee

16. A Healthier You Challenge from My Fitness Pal

30 day challenge / a healthier you challenge and a woman in fitness gear stretching her arms
A Healthier You Challenge // credit: My Fitness Pal

17. No Sugar Challenge from Femme Fitale Fit Club

30 day challenge ideas / no sugar challenge with an ice cream cone in the background
No Sugar Challenge // credit: Femme Fitale Fit Club

18. Declutter Challenge from Kelly Golightly

30 day challenge / declutter challenge with organization ideas
Declutter Challenge // credit: Kelly Golightly

19. Mindfulness Challenge from Today

30 day challenge ideas / mindfulness challenge with a month of mental health ideas
Mindfulness Challenge // credit: Today

20. At-Home Self Care Challenge from Our Mindful Life

30 day challenge ideas / at home self care challenge with ideas to stay healthy and active
At-Home Self Care Challenge // credit: Our Mindful Life

Do 30 Day Challenges Actually Work?

Doing a personal wellness challenge is a great way to start implementing new, healthy habits. Plus, lots of people find them fun and motivating too!

Many times you’ll finish one challenge and realize you’re ready to jump into doing another one right away. This could be because most challenges are fairly easy to carry out, and don’t require a huge time commitment out of your day.

When you realize the progress you’ve made in such a short time it really is motivating to keep going.

It’s good to be aware that 30 days may not be enough time to make your new habits automatic but it sure is a great place to start! One study found that it generally takes between 18 and 254 days for a behavior to become automatic. (1)

Just remember that the more you practice the behavior the more automatic it’ll become.

Have you tried a 30 day wellness challenge? What was your experience like?


health and wellness challenges for a better life / a lady at the beach in a straw hat on a sunny day

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