27 Fun Facts About Me Including My Most Embarrassing Moment

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Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by Lori Geurin

I thought it would be fun to get to know each other better. So today I’m revealing some random, quirky trivia and fun facts about me.

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27 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I went on a shark dive with my husband in the Bahamas even though I’m scared to death of sharks…No, we weren’t in a cage. There were about 15 sharks swimming within several feet of us. (No wonder we had to sign so many waivers beforehand.) Not gonna lie – I was terrified but glad I did it.
  2. My most embarrassing moment was walking into the men’s bathroom at church when I was in high school. That place was packed with men standing at the urinals. They were just lined up shoulder to shoulder. It’s an image I’ve tried to erase from my mind many times. Thank heavens their backs were all turned away from me because I froze up and couldn’t move. It was like I was trapped in an alternate reality. Fortunately, one of my friends who was leaving the restroom asked me what I was doing in there, and escorted me out. (What’s an embarrassing fact about yourself? Share in the comments below!)
  3. I love kayaking with the family.
  4. I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting and was one of the speakers for this fasting summit earlier this year. In fact, intermittent fasting cured my hypoglycemia and has improved my health in so many ways.
  5. David and I have 2 red-headed children but neither of us has red hair. But some of our grandparents and great-grandparents did, and also cousins. Plus, our brunette-headed son has a red beard. Cool!
  6. I met my husband in college. He saved my life in the cafeteria when I was choking on a carrot. True story. While my friends sat and watched the unspeakable play out, my hero rose to the challenge and performed the Heimlich with style and grace like none before. That was the day I knew I would marry this man.
  7. I’m an empath and a highly sensitive person.
  8. My biggest pet peeve is mean people. (This could have something to do with the fact that I’m an empath and a highly sensitive person.)
  9. People I’ve never met randomly tell me their life stories and share their problems with me. Everywhere I go – the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the mall, etc. It’s been happening my entire life.
  10. I love to eat! My favorite foods include all kinds of fruit, peanut butter, Greek salads, my mom’s coconut cake, and an amazing cream-cheese stuffed chicken breast from my favorite restaurant.
  11. I make homemade kombucha and grow my own sprouts.
  12. The beach is where I’d be all day, every day if I had my way…if I could bring my family with me and if we didn’t live 13 hours away.
  13. My favorite color is aqua blue because it reminds me of the ocean and peaceful tranquility.
  14. When I was a girl I loved singing along to my dad’s records while wearing giant headphones. Barbara Streisand, Emmylou Harris, whatever was available.
  15. I enjoy doing Pilates and yoga and lifting weight with my husband.
  16. I’m very perceptive and have a strong intuition about people. I’m not saying this in a bragging way at all, because, in fact, there are times that I sort of wish it wasn’t so. You’ve heard people say TMI – too much information? Well, sometimes you just don’t want to know because it can feel like your brain is on overload. But it sure comes in handy when you’re sniffing out a lie with your kids.
  17. I once sang the Oscar Meyer Weiner song into a microphone at a retail store just to receive a discount on my purchase. (Ah, the things we will do for a discount.)
  18. I’m wild about sunsets and long walks in nature. Sunrises amaze me just as much but I’m not much of a morning person so I don’t always catch those.
  19. I’ve been a KC Royals fan since I was a little girl. My favorite player is an old school, George Brett.
  20. I’m distantly related to the outlaw Jesse James and Pocahontas. I confirmed it on Ancestry.com.
  21. I love going to concerts. Some of my favorites have been Journey, Kelly Clarkson, U2, Dolly Parton, Daughtry, and Ed Sheeran.
  22. When I was little I was apparently obsessed with Donny and Marie Osmond’s show. My parents bought me the Donny and Marie microphone and tambourine which I loved.
  23. I love dogs. We’ve always had 1 or 2, and yes, I baby talk to them because I just can’t help myself. But cats freak me out a little lot. Ever since I was 4 and a cat tried to (how can I put this delicately) scratch my face off.
  24. I recently re-started using the Oxford comma. The fact that I ever stopped was more than a little stressful to my (former) English teaching husband. I stopped using it many years back when I was a medical transcriptionist because this was the preferred way of transcribing. It became a habit and the only reason I’m using it again is that I got tired of Grammarly telling me to add it in when I was writing.
  25. I’ve always loved music. I took piano lessons from 2nd to 12th grade then played on scholarship in college as an accompanist. I’ve enjoyed singing in choirs since I was little and played the clarinet and bass clarinet in the band, and the piano in the jazz band.
  26. Lost is my all-time favorite show but I love sitcoms: Friends, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  27. I love simplicity. If there is any way to simplify my life I’ll choose it so I can focus on what matters most.

So those were 27 fun facts about me. Now it’s your turn!

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27 Fun Facts About Me

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11 thoughts on “27 Fun Facts About Me Including My Most Embarrassing Moment”

  1. Enjoyed reading this. We have some things in common. I too find that people feel so comfortable telling me about their life story anywhere. Maybe they can sense we’re empaths 😉

  2. Swimming with sharks is one of my bucket list items!!!! I’m fascinated with them, Love that you got to experience that. Love learning fun facts about people!

    1. So cool that’s on your bucket list. I didn’t realize it was on mine until I did it. I understand your fascination and used to be obsessed with Shark Week. I hope you get to do it someday.

  3. I am also an empath and can deeply feel the emotions of others. Sometimes it’s a good thing and other times it can be bad. I can’t believe you swam with sharks. After seeing all the Jaws movie that is something I am 100 percent sure I couldn’t do.

    1. This is so true! – “Sometimes it’s a good thing and other times it can be bad.”

      About the shark dive, I was literally shaking I was so scared. And when the guys who took us out on the expedition told us not to move around much in the water because that could attract their attention I thought I was a goner for sure. They had our group swim out slowly over the sharks (they’d lured the sharks to the bottom of the ocean floor with a caged box of meat to keep them occupied for a while) then we all held onto a long rope in case the guys on the boat had to pull us in really fast. I’ll never forget the experience that’s for sure.

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